take a pick.


I’ve had enough of secretary of energy angelo reyes’ nonsense blabber about “we don’t have a problem with our LPG stocks” bull, and I wish the FG will not have another clogged artery with all the unspeakable things “he does” to our poor country. if prez obama snubs the mole again during an upcoming breakfast prayer convention in washington, I will laugh my head off! I am one unhappy citizen – majorly.

I believe we need some cute babies back.


the face of disgust because of all the “tong-pats”


thinking of ways to curb corruption – gave up his afternoon nap for it.


baby boy seeks wisdom from fairy tales to give our government the benefit of the doubt. bless his heart.


two thumbs up? NOT!

sometimes I wish I didn’t care about politics this much so I can save myself from unecessary palpitations during primetime news. hmph.



2 Responses to take a pick.

  1. Liza says:

    Tama na sis, ang puso mo, baka bumigay. LOL! Di bale, after seeing those cute adorable babies, am sure eh lalamig na ang ulo mo.

  2. tna says:

    yan din dahilan ko bjay bakit di ako nanonood ng news. ayaw ko pa mamatay sa high bp.

    cutie nga ng mga bebes na yan. sana nga maingatan innocence nila, away from corruption. hay. {sigh}.

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