random wednesday 30


I look so flushed out. I’ve had the worse kind of sniffles since sunday evening, and it has grown to a full blown uhog. the icky, runny kind. my head was spinning yesterday, and my friend sansoo said it’s a case of head flu. first time I heard of such a condition. head flu… sosyal.


I chanced upon this short write-up at a local broadsheet and looked it up on the internet. shape up shoes, a revolutionary kind of flipflops that promises to shape up your gams and buttocks comes in a variety of colors and is priced at $39.99 a pair. and hear this, it can even tone your absssssss. not  bad. I wonder if there will be a brave soul who’ll take this in for local distributorship. because I am definitely buying.

anybody have tried the wagyu beef? I want to try. meron daw sa S&R, mura lang. did you know that these species are so spoilt they stay in airconditioned barns and are even massaged from time to time? these are just some of the stuff that makes them an expensive piece of meat (pun intended).


according to stockyard.com.au/:

wagyu beef, which is rich in marbling and flavor, is also good for your health. recent research has identified that apart from being a great source of  essential vitamins and nutriuents, wagyu beef is also higher in unsaturated (healthy) fats including omega 6 and omega 3 oils, which protect the human body from heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression and alzheimer’s disease.          


rest in peace, mike francis. back in highschool, we even had a special number during our school’s foundation day. I can still remember the beat, our steps, the balloon skirts and garden hats we wore and the thunderous applause we got.

more reads about mike francis here.


this is the january 2009 issue of GQ. I love jennifer aniston. what’s not to love about her? she’s beautiful, sassy, spunky, goofy and she’s got great hair! how many women wake up in the morning with that kind of hair?! okay, exagg na ako. but she’s 40yo for crying out loud. maybe it’s too late for her to be posing this racy but – do you really want to see her doing this at 50? ngayon na lang habang pwede pa 🙂 
alright. I just can’t help it. remember this post? and there’s even a parody about it lead by justin timberlake, also on youtube. but this one is different. enjoy!

postscript: I like obama. I hope he gets to watch this 😀

post-postscript: I like michelle obama, too. I hope she gets to see our very own michelle o’bombshell, a gay impersonator. f-u-n-n-y!




4 Responses to random wednesday 30

  1. Ako naman, I don’t LIKE Jennifer Aniston. Don’t really know why, something about her na di ko type. Feeling? Ma-drama? I was actually glad when she and Brad broke up. Bad ko ba? Hehehe!

    Hope you feel better, Sis! Miss you!

  2. lee i says:

    hay…mike francis. parang kailan lang, was group dancing to this song with my girlfriends in
    Spirits disco in Baguio city.
    let me in…let me flower….” mwahahahaha.

  3. Alby says:

    Funny yung Obama video! And to think, I first saw the video of Single Ladies here in your blog too! 😀

    Sorry I haven’t been able to text back. Or blog. Or scrap. Or post photos. Haven’t been doing much lately. Soon, i hope.

    Oh, and my SC kit is always late. I just got the Nov kit last week. Still waiting for my Dec and Jan kits. I don’t mind the wait, though. I still have all the kits (since Sept) untouched. No scrapping nga eh. If you don’t mind the long wait, we can split the shipping depending on the number of kits. If you get just the main kit, and I just get the main kit, we split shipping in half. I have another friend who also rides to my subscription so we can split it in 3. If I get add-ons…well, you get the idea. Divided by the number of kits. 😀

    Maybe we need to do a weekend crop at our place to help me get back on the groove. I miss the smell of papers!!!

  4. Liza says:

    Hey sis, hope you’re feeling better already. Oh yah, I saw that guy guest at ET Tonight and they showed the You Tube flick too. He’s funny!

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