apparently, I am still in the “banana” mode. I saw these pictures of tffee and thought to myself, “why not?”. 

it’s totally unintentional, promise 😀


and another one featuring my silly self:


tomorrow dear and I will go grocery shopping, run some errands, run a few more errands, and then some more (dami!), and finally head back home.

but tonight, I am attending the weddings@work videofest at the cinema 4 of rockwell. I get to see myself on the big, wide cinema screen talking about my own wedding of yore. exciting!




10 Responses to TGIF

  1. Candy says:

    Hehehe! Ikaw talaga! The way you make fun of yourself is so out of this world! Kaya nga gusto kitang kaibigan e! Ang gaganda talaga ng LOs, ikaw na ikaw.

    By the way, thanks for the tip. Am looking for one nga kasi, mom just gave me this rubbermaid ribbon dispenser but it can only dispense a few ribbons. Otherwise, magpapagawa pa ako. Kung mayroon sa Mayon, e di sugod mga kapatid!!!

  2. Marix says:

    kakatuwa naman mga pix mo, kakaaliw!

  3. yvette says:

    thanks bjay! and right back at you! i love that ‘It’s good to be ME’ LO 🙂

  4. dinah says:

    love the banana page bjay! you know i just took a picture of jao eating a banana. might just make a page of it 🙂

    kelan next field trip natin to lasting? :):):)

  5. Anna says:

    I love the layouts, Bjay! so bright and happy! (must be the happy colour of bananas. lol!)

  6. sherly says:

    how nice your layouts bjay!=)love the colors ..bright and fun, what chipboard did you use for the word banana if i may ask po?=)

    hi, sherl! it’s american crafts puffy thickers in chocolate color. I got it from gracie. I also have it in orange, I think mitch carries the latter 😀

  7. Cel says:

    katuwa naman yung banana luv! Lagi may nakukuhan ng pic while eating a banana. cute! =)

  8. leasanders says:

    Hi, Bjay, just coming by to say “hi”. Sorry I haven’t visited in a while–been very busy these last few months. Hope you have a great new year. =)

    hi, lea! so glad your surgery went well. and you are storming the zutter blog with amazing projects! GIRLS, if you are reading this, please head over to the BIA site, lea rocks the machine, indeed. galing! 😉

  9. bjay says:

    hii, girls! thanks for dropping by, and I’m so glad you liked the LOs 😀

  10. Nina says:

    great LO’s Bjay!!

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