got me some, some.


thanks to my scrappy friends liza and janis who both gave the same awards to me:


I’ve to mention 5 addictions and pass on the awards to 5 other fab blogs! 

  1. sleep!
  2. potatoes
  3. fried chicken
  4. chunky soup
  5. yan yan sticks 

hmm, parang pulos pagkain. anyhoo, I did a mini lotto and drew these awesome girls’ names: 

  1. dinah
  2. tna
  3. april
  4. mia
  5. cookie

spread the love! 😉



3 Responses to got me some, some.

  1. Thanks for the award, Sis! Puede bang kasali nalang doon sa post na isa? Edit ko nalang at i-add ang name mo. Hehehe!

  2. dinah says:

    yep, full circle na! can’t believe i missed ‘sleep’! i like you list – 80% food! hahaha! see you on sat 🙂

  3. tna says:

    heehee. i can’t seem to fit my food addiction in my list. thanks for the honor of passing this award to me. 🙂

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