random wednesday 26 (photo heavy)


happy new year, my dear readers!

aah, thank goodness for the 11-day vacation… huh? what 11-day vacation?! I think I was more tired in those 11 days compared to the regular work-weeks I was used to. but it’s the holidays and it’s a special time for loved ones! so please excuse my momentary snickering.

dear and I made last minute grocery shopping, and had my eyelashes permed (didn’t look any different to me!) together with my 15-year old niece, ia. on christmas day, we spent it quietly with my relatives at our family compound, fulfilled an emceeing gig at a tagaytay highlands wedding before new year, cooked up a storm on new year’s eve, and lastly, had my scraproom repainted with my fave color (more on that later). so all’s good 🙂   


every new year’s eve for 16 years now, mum hosts a party for the kids in our subdivision. games, prizes, food and drinks are provided and so far, it’s always a success and we’ve seen several turn-over of generations joining in the fun. mum said, it’s her way of giving thanks for all the graces our family received in the year that passed.


tffee lost her tooth. the first one to go.


my kuya’s firstborn, tim, dyed his hair platinum blonde. dear Lord.


I finished 83 layouts, 7 projects, several scrapbook challenge blog wins, a 6-month kit club DT stint and got offered a 1-year manufacturer DT position. not bad 😀 this year, my goal is to finish 100 layouts, make more projects, be published and perhaps, try my luck applying for another manu DT position. isipin ko lang, hindi na ako makahinga.  

in other news:


have you heard beyonce’s new album “I am… sasha fierce”? two cuts are currently on my head as my LSS (last song syndrome): single ladies and if I were a boy. watch this:

rumor has it that the darker skinned dancer is a MAN. welllll, he’s damn fine!!! if I could just be half the amazing dancer that “he” is, ganda ko!


my heart goes out to john travolta, an actor I truly admire. his son jett, is only 16yrs old. no parent should bury his child. it just isn’t right. but we can’t question His will. more about the story here.

on a lighter note…


I received my elle’s studio tags at last! this was my prize for winning a challenge over at category stories last october. very niiiice and I can’t wait to do something creative with it.


I’m finishing up one layout and one project for buzz and bloom™. the 2009 DT work will be uploaded on january 9th in the next few days, so please drop by the buzz & bloom blog soon for some inspiration.

oh yeah, my scraproom. from a gawky green which I forced myself to live and create with for 9 months


is now a pretty shade of pink!



I call it Thickers™ pink because I did show manong timplador the shade I wanted (see above). but dear said it’s more like the MMDA pink to him daw. ang sweet niya, noh? hmphh…

* that little round, white thing in there is actually an exhaust fan. so that I can have airconditioning coming from our room 😉


I’m on a prowl looking for a damask or toile printed cloth in black and white. please, please let me know where I can find it! this will go to my scraproom, of course.

have a good new year, peeps! also, be extra nice to yourselves as well 🙂



10 Responses to random wednesday 26 (photo heavy)

  1. scrappylife says:

    haller! 🙂 tawang-tawa talaga si mark sa suggestion mo for our baby’s name. haha. 🙂 sana nga DALAWA sila. i really REALLY want twins. sabi ko tuloy kay mark, hindi kami titigil hanggat hindi kami nagkaka-kambal. bwahahahaha!!! 🙂

    anyhoo… about the damask tela… i’ll be on the look out sa cloth stores dito and even sa US when i go there (if you can wait that long). another suggestion is you might want to ask CH. baka kasi may amy butler fabric na ganun ang print. 🙂

    ask ko lang din…green din ba talaga kulay nung table and shelves mo sa scraproom o nag-reflect lang ang color ng wall? ang lakas ng powers ha. hehehe… pink is waaaaay better nga. 🙂 hehe…

  2. bjay says:

    hey, yoying! ano man gender nung 2nd baby niyo, pwede ding “seggy”, as in segunda. then “tercy”, para tercera and so on. haha, I’m not making any sense at all! basta go and multiply and have an easy pregnancy!

    uuy, uuy, please! ikaw lang pag-asa ko na makakahanap ng magandang damask tela for me. I can wait kasi dami ko pang ipapagawa like another cabinet, baskets, etc to complete the look. baka sa march ko na ulit maiparaña ang scraproom ko, when it’s nice and furnished (fingers-xsd!).

    walls lang ang green. point & shoot lang kasi gamit ko kaya very bad angle and lighting. nice shade of pink, noh? ahlovet! 😀

    talk to you about the damask tela soon! THANKS HEAPS!!!

  3. Rox says:

    Elo Happy NY! Justin Timberlake did a parody on Beyonce’s video of Single Ladies…Kwela!

    yeah, saw that too! super funny 😀

  4. Alby says:

    Uy, sarap i-decorate nyan!!! If you need help, I’ll be happy to lend a hand to a scrappy neighbor. 😀

    And kudos to your achievements in 2008. May you achieve your goals in 2009!

    sinabi mo! dami ko gusto bilhin. hey, will give you a holler if I need an extra arm, for sure 🙂

  5. maybs says:

    Uuuyy! I love the damask print for your curtain! Naku, good luck in looking for one. I’ll let you know if i see something like it.

  6. Liza says:

    Love the color girl! So very you! At syempre ang kurtina na yan ay to-die-for nga. I think may nakitaan akong store dito sa Makati na may ganyang print or something like it na black&white. Let me get the contact number pag napadaan ako dun.

    See you soon!

  7. bjay says:

    hi, maybs and liza!

    I sure hope I can get it finished by 1st quarter (tipid, tipid eh)! and yeah, please do let me know if you happen to see a store that carry those 2 designs. thanks for dropping by! 😀

  8. tna says:

    woweee! even if i love the color green, pink suits your room better. hihi. pang garden yung green, hehe.

    congrats on your achievements bjay. and looking forward to more of your creations this year and i’ll be praying na ma publish ka (pati yung kumare ko hehe). sana mapublish kayo! 😀

  9. Olive says:

    mare, uuwi ang better half ko sa Feb…gusto mo ba hanapan kita dito sa Joann’s? ilang yarda ba ang kailangan mo at mega-clearance sale ang Joann;s dito sa tabi ng bahay ko.

    wow, mars thanks! PM kita. I think it’s better ikaw na to look for my damask kasi kapitbahay mo pala joann’s! at clearance pa! para di na mahirapan si buntis 😀

  10. Cel says:

    Hi Bjay! Nice shade of pink! And that’s not so MMDA kaya. I am seeing Heidi Swapp in your scrap room once you find that damask b&w curtain. Pink and black and damask. Nice.

    thanks, cel! haven’t really checked how HS’s scraproom look like… matingnan nga 🙂

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