be a kid again

do a cartwheel.     
sing into your hairbrush.
walk barefoot in wet grass.
play a song you like really loud, over and over.
dot all your letter “i” with smiley faces.
dunk your cookies.
blow bubbles into your drink using your straw.
play a game where you make up the rules as you go along.
step carefully over sidewalk cracks.
change into some play clothes.
try to get someone to trade you a better sandwich.
eat ice cream for breakfast.
kiss a frog, just in case.
have someone read you a story.
find some pretty stones and save them.
wear your favorite shirt with you favorite pants even if they don’t match.
take a running jump over a big puddle.
get someone to buy you something you really don’t need.
hide your vegetables under your napkin.
stay up past your bedtime.
eat dessert first.
fuss a little, then take a nap.
wear red gym shoes.
put way too much sugar on your cereal.
make cool screeching noises every time you turn a corner.
giggle a lot for no reason.
give yourself a gold star for everything you do today.

it won’t hurt going back in time before we REALLY start the new year



5 Responses to be a kid again

  1. tna says:

    happy new year bjay 🙂

    cheers to a wonderful and blessed 2009!

  2. tna says:

    hello bjay! thanks for the birthday greetings. hihihi. it’s better late {than sorry – LOL}

  3. dinah says:

    happy new year sis! 🙂

  4. Barbie says:

    Happy New Year, Bjay! 🙂 I loved your mini-album, by the way. Your porcelain piggies have such personality.

  5. NancyD says:

    Ooh, I loved this list! Especially “fuss a little, then take a nap.” Will do. 🙂

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