babae po ako (I am a girl)


my best bud ems texted me yesterday. apparently, she and her nanny were talking and she asked her nanny nonchalantly who amongst her friends does she find pretty.

“si _____ , maganda ba? “, ems asked.  “maganda ka pa du’n, ate.”, her nanny replied.

“eh si _____?”,  ems again asked. “ah, yung may mga anak? yun maganda nga, ate.”

“sino pa [kulit ni ems, noh?]? eh si ninang?”. “sinong ninang, ate?”… “ninang ni alexa.”

“ah, yung tomboy? yung lagi nating kasama? yun din, maganda!”

ems SHRIEKS. “hindi tomboy yun! bwahahaha! lagot ka, isusumbong kita!”

and the yaya laughed at herself too.

my reaction?  “%$#@&?!, grabe naman! di ba niya napapansin ang earrings ko?!”

the only consolation about the nanny’s observation was the fact that it is the craziest, most dyslexic form of compliment I have ever received in my entire life. pretty nga, mukhang TOMBOY naman. haha.

but I wasn’t mad, ha. I even showed ems’ text to dear, who just shrugged it off and said I should really make that trip to the salon and have my hair cut, treated, colored and highlighted. man, that’ll require mega bucks for my short hair’s reincarnation! I could buy a pair of new gap jeans with that!

it’s always been the majority’s impression about me. even at the time I had my hair super long back in the day. maybe because I am really athletic? maybe because I move and dress the way I do? I’m a tshirt kind of girl and frankly, I don’t have issues getting my hands dirty (so to speak). but to those who know me well, it’s not an argument. to these friends, I am just the plain ol’ me… 100% GIRLAH.

and the irony of it all is: I know my fashion, I design faux jewelry, and I do make-up quite well. oh, heck. 

I think I should make a scrapbook layout about this, noh?   

here I am with long hair and a tint of makeup a few years ago:


so there 😀


9 Responses to babae po ako (I am a girl)

  1. Hahaha! Alam mo ba, kwinento ko sa yaya ko. Sabi niya siya din akala niya tomboy ka! Haha! Sabi daw niya sa sarili niya, “Galing naman ng tomboy na ito, mahilig mag scrap!” Hahaha! Tawang tawa ako!

  2. Alby says:

    Bwahahaha! You just made my day Bjay! Definitely worth a layout. Next time you’re over at my place, I will ask our helpers. 😀 LOL!

  3. tna says:

    hihi. 😀 but you are a very cute ‘tomboy’. hehe.

    ganda mo with the long hair. but i love your short ‘do more.

  4. scrappylife says:

    hahaha… 🙂 bakit naman ang liit ng image? sa biglang tingin mukha pa ring short ung hair mo. hehehe…

  5. Ems says:

    Hahahahahaha…sus, hindi na ako makahinga sa kakatawa mula pa kahapon…more so with Mia’s comment above. You sure exude that _____ (ano nga ba?) pero I never see you that way hehehe ka-kikay nga eh ;o)

  6. bjay says:

    haaay. what is with the way I look/act and the nannies? o, sino pa sa mga kaibigan ko ang gustong interbyuhin ang mga yaya nila? aber? 😀

    tna, thanks for the compliment – ayan, saving grace ko yan 🙂

    yoying, point taken. the pix is bigger now. kasi kanina I can’t edit sa office 🙂

    all of you girls made my day a lot funnier!

  7. Gracie says:

    hehe natawa naman ako sa post mo. You’d be the most kikay “tomboy” I’d know Kung ganon.

  8. NancyD says:

    I definitely think of you as a girly girl.. you have a tiara on in your profile pic, for heaven’s sake! 🙂

  9. Rox says:

    LOL! Ang cute mo pala lalo pag mahaba buhok…you look younger. Don’t worry I get that too kahit shoulder length buhok ko, mejo siga kasi ko maglakad and I hate wearing skirts…kung pwede lang mag pants nung kasal ko ginawa ko na..

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