greatest fighter in the world


that’s manny pacquiao… a.k.a. PACMAN.

the philippine archipelago. december 7, sunday. there was no traffic. there was zero crime rate. majority of the filipino people just stayed put, went to mass early and ordered take-out so they could eat in front of the TV. two older men reportedly died during his fight because of sheer excitement.


legendary oscar de la hoya a.k.a. “the golden boy” of boxing who has a string of titles in every category and who is also an olympian, threw his white towel in the middle of the boxing ring in the begining of the ninth round to signal his surrender. what a very gentlemanly thing to do. he also got a bad beating in the face and had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment. 

anybody watched the HBO produced sneak preview program titled 24/7? it was hilarious! but I gotta say, jinky pacquiao was depicted very poorly in one of the segments. I wonder if she’s aware of it?  
here’s a quote I got from that show:

we boxers, we train hard.
train hard, train hard.
then the fight is easy.
                         – manny pacquiao

it has been said that manny is the greatest national resource of this country. well, amidst the current government who has a vicious corrupt spouse orchestrating the mole’s every moveI WILL HAVE TO AGREE.  



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