random wednesday 24


what is usually a 1hr-1.5 hrs one way travel time for me in going to and from work has now been the bane of my life at double the time! thanks to concurrent MMDA chairman bayani fernando whose idolatry includes hitler at the top of his list. seriously.


I used to like the guy, and admired his tenacity for political form. and his wife, marides fernando, the mayor of marikina city, whose urban planning flair worked extremely well for the said city is equally commendable, too. but quite honestly, our dear country isn’t ready for drastic urban planning YET. not with the way our streets and city demographics are laid-out and built.

and so all the provincial buses plying EDSA (including my ride – from cavite) were banned at certain stops. and I mean not just certain stops, these provincial buses cannot unload passengers at the CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICTS (CBDs) of makati and ortigas. and so I have to experiment, ride from bus to bus and sometimes flag a cab or board the MRT. lakas gastos, todo pagod before I can reach the office or my house. I’ve always been a trooper and have no qualms doing these things as a commuter. but is this really the solution? eh mas balagbag pang magmaneho ang city buses compared to provincial buses! besides, the MMDA traffic force are a bunch of jokes who doesn’t even know when to apprehend and when not to apprehend motorists. and when they do, these jokes doesn’t even know what violation was committed. now, I really hate him to the gut. he’s not getting my vote in 2010’s presidential elections. see for yourself (btw, the girl’s not his wife):


diether jumped over da bakod, and onto GMA-7. he’s neither confirming nor denying anything. he just finished an ABS-CBN teleserye. could it be because there’s no follow-up project for him from the netwok who built his career from the grounds? obviously echo and lloydie is giving him the dirt. the latter are way, way better actors. PLUS, I have a thing for lloydie. weeee… *wink* 😀 


have you noticed how most 7-11 outlets are losing its charm already?


mini-stop outlets have mushroomed everywhere. I like mini-stop now. their food-to-go choices are yummier than 7-11’s blah versions (try their fried siomai. yum!). used to like the former’s hotdog variants, but lately all I bite into are bits of gatil or ligaments.


george o’dowd, lead vocalist of the famed culture club band, hooked-up with a male model (who happened to moonlight as a male escort) and asked him to come to his home where he allegedly did numerous sleazy and nasty things not worthy to print.

george is facing charges of assault and could get up to life in prison. karma kaya ito? hala


let’s volt-in and hope that january 2, 2009 will be declared a non-working holiday!


6 Responses to random wednesday 24

  1. Marix says:

    thnks for the random chika,
    haay naku nakakabaliw tlga c mang bayani hehehe
    tlga lilipat na c diet? care ko hahhaha kay lucky naman ako naaaliw hehehe although kinilig ako kay john lloyd at sarah dun sa movie nila hahaha

  2. Gracie says:

    Hehe I love reading your Random Wednesdays! I guess traffic in Manila will never be fixed. Lalo na kung ganyan mga naghahandle. Ooh I heart Lloydie! I’ve been watching Betty La Fea because of him. Hehe.

  3. scrappylife says:

    naku. good luck na lang talaga sa atin sa 2010 kung ang mga presidentiables ay sina BF and our very own Obama-wanna-be na si Binay. feeling. as in. pwede ba silang ikulong sa isang baul at itapon sa gitna ng bermuda triangle? hehehe. seriously.

  4. tna says:

    hay naku. naaalala ko pa yung Php ko nung october 4 scrapfest, thanks to MMDA.

    anyway, your random wednesdays are a treat. 😀

  5. NancyD says:

    So interesting to read about Phillipine politics… keep ’em coming! 🙂 I’m sadly uninformed!

  6. […] this is marides fernando, THE wife. […]

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