that’s scrapping in cavite! wala lang, ipinilit ko lang. haha.

I had the pleasure of being invited by alby, a kababayan of mine whose lovely home is also in kawit, to join lee, cookie, donna and nina for a day of scrapping fun. been waiting for this day to come because it’s always a treat to scrap alongside friends, share techniques, take a peek at their new toys and even get to use them as well. and on that day I got free loots from the girls too! and the ultimate upside to it? it’s near our house 😀

oh, yeah, we also salivated over alby’s newly built posh kitchen, and of course, her modular scrapping space equipped with soft touch cabinetry and sleek fixtures (insert drool here PLEASE).

we were calling and texting each other very early on the morning of saturday. we agreed to meet at the island cove resort facade. lo and behold, I got there 5minutes late! because I got stuck in traffic, puno ang kalye infront of the aguinaldo mansion. I had a hard time maneuvering thru a single lane filled with tourist buses and tons of kids running across the streets. so anyway, we convoyed going to alby’s place. yung nga lang, when it’s time to make a left turn, the manong driving lee’s van sped away, prompting me to park somewhere and ask cookie (thru her mobile phone), “saan kayo pupunta?”. then I just heard loud shrieks on the other line and I thought, “ahh, it’s going to be a fun day.” 

alby prepared a feast. but I swear, ito ang highlight of our lunch: LAING!

we did ATCs! it’s my first time to make one. aliw din pala. we had these drawn after – I got alby’s and alby got mine! oh diba, magkababayan talaga? can you tell which one is mine?

here we are during merienda

and at work (kuno)…

we packed up by 7PM, and I got home shortly after that (priceless!). hopefully we can do this again very soon! thanks a lot for the great company, bombshells! 🙂


8 Responses to scrap-vite

  1. tna says:

    enjoy! 😀 kakatuwa mag scrap (and more chika chika) with friends. 🙂

  2. Waah!! Inggit ako! Puede pagpunta ko diyan eh mag scrap day ulit? Kabitenyo din naman ako eh. 🙂

  3. leasanders says:

    Hi, Bjay, sorry I’ve been MIA lately. BIA has been keeping me really busy. Great projects. What is laing, by the way? Let me know! =)

  4. nina says:

    Bjay! It was sooo nice to finally meet you in person! You are a riot, girl! Hope to see you again sometime soon! =)


    P.S. Hindi ako puwede kay Nette sa sabado pala. Hope you gals have fun enough for me na lang. =)

  5. Ems says:

    Inggit ako! I’m sure na-ikain mo ako! Di ko makita pictures waaah (buti na lang at baka ako’y maglaway). Hope to try making ATCs soon. Teach me…

  6. bjay says:

    hey, girls! thanks for swinging by! 😀

    hi, lea! neck deep in binding things, ey? haha. laing is a well-loved bicolano dish (your mom knows that, for sure). it mainly uses the leaves of the taro rootcrop, boiled in coconut milk ( not in can, please!), with perfectly sauteed garlic and onions and porkloin strips. bicolano dishes are usually spicy, so throw in some chilis and you’re good to go. but I’m sure alby can explain it better! 😀

  7. donna says:

    hello kapatid! ngaun lang ako naka-visit, grabbing pics heehee had fun scrapping with you and the rest of the gang…. dami kong natutunan..aching! hahaha see yah tmw at MLA’s 😀

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