do you know your ROYGBIV?


happy monday, everyone! I hope your weekend was fun 🙂

so what is ROYGBIV?

  • ~ R – red
  • ~ O – orange
  • ~ Y – yellow
  • ~ G – green
  • ~ B – blue
  • ~ I – indigo
  • ~ V – violet

that’s the color of the rainbow, if you will! and if you are up for a challenge over at SFTIO™, here’s what you should do:

  • ~ you must use all the 7 vivid colors of the rainbow
  • ~ you may use additional hues of ROYGBIV for variation
  • ~ there should be a photo of yourself
  • ~ your title must start with the initial of your first name
  •                    i.e.  Bjay – Beguiling (wahaha…)
  • ~ some visible journaling
  • ~ embellishment: sky’s the limit!

this is a pre-kit challenge, so even if you are not a kit subscriber, that’s fine. you have until the 25th to upload your entry/ies here.

and here’s my take


see you at the MB! 😀


5 Responses to do you know your ROYGBIV?

  1. Cel says:

    Haha! Lam mo ba Bjay yan din ang mantra ko! Love me or hate me!

    What square punch ginamit mo Marvy giga?

  2. dinah says:

    wow it’s been a looooooong time since i last heard of ROYGBIV!! love your layout! see you on sat!

  3. tna says:

    hi bjay. 🙂 love your page. simple yet striking.

  4. bjay says:

    thanks, girls! it’s my first time in trying a patchwork kind of LO. I think I likey 🙂

    cel, wala akong marvy giga punch. acrylic stamping block lang yung ginamit kong pang-trace diyan 🙂

  5. polinka says:

    I also love this one!! great style!

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