random wednesday 22


in megamall the other day:

I was malling alone in mega A the other day when I had an eye to eye contact with a very tall, respectable-looking, lanky man. tancha ko probably in his late 40s to early 50s. he smiled and being the friendly smurfet that I am, I smiled back (bad decision). he looked quite surprised seeing me and hurriedly galloped towards me and gave me a light peck on the cheek (eiwww).

an awkward conversation followed:

HIMoh, hi! how are you, sister!

ME*bewildered* I’m okay. how about you? -> pinatulan ko pa talaga.

HIM:  long time no see, ha! oh, you don’t remember me na, noh?

MEI’m so sorry, I don’t mean to be rude. but I really don’t remember where we met, eh.

HIMwe met a year ago, sa isang prayer meeting, di mo ba nare-recall?

*** okay, okay. I DO NOT ATTEND PRAYER MEETINGS. at this point of the conversation, I wanted to get out of mega already! by the way, all this time, he was holding my arm ***

ME:  prayer meeting? ah, uhm, I really don’t remember eh. -> turo ng mum ko yan, dapat polite pa din kahit halata kong niloloko na ako.

HIMoh, anyways, sister. malungkot kasi ako ngayon. do you have a minute (ME: may choice ba ako? hawak mo na braso ko eh). you see, my dad who is also a lay minister of our community is in the hospital right now (ME: ooh.). but his doctors said, di na magtatagal ang buhay niya and he is given just a few days to live (ME: hmm.). so we were asked to buy morphine to ease his pain before he pass away (ME: duh?).

bumili daw kami ng 9 bottles of morphine, I already bought 8 bottles. kaso Php900.00 ang isa (ME: eh, so?)

kakapalan ko na sister ang mukha ko ha, tutal I knew you from way before pa. could I borrow Php300.00 so that I can buy the last bottle for my papa?

MY THOUGHT BUBBLElintik ‘to ah! 

MEay, sorry po. wala na po akong pera eh, naibili ko na ng mga ito (pointing to the toy kingdom bag I was carrying containing tffee’s pumpkin loot bag).

HIM:  that’s okay, nagbabasakali lang naman ako. okay, bye!

AGAIN, MY THOUGHT BUBBLEwhat the?! anong nangyari?!

and you know what? all this time, I was feeling a bit queesy while I was talking to him. he had the spookiest eye to eye contact with me. for a minute I felt my knees weaken, and my peripheral view of the mall became a slight blur. immediately I suspected he was trying to hypnotize me. so I started to look away, look far beyond him, looked at his ears, looked at the mall’s ceiling and at the other mallrats who were passing us by (we’re infront of almon marina, btw). I got nervous but I knew exactly what I had to do – and that is never to look AT HIS EYES AGAIN.  that explains why he was gripping on my arm siguro.  

bakit ba ako ay lapitin ng mga may sayad na tao?

well, ingat lang mga kapatid. too many opportunists nowadays. this scum of the earth will do anything to milk you out with your hard-earned money and then some. I wish everybody well and a great amount of caution.




9 Responses to random wednesday 22

  1. Alby says:

    First of all, I missed Random Wednesday and TGIF last week!

    Anyway, I don’t know how it works. I didn’t believe in the hypnotism bit – I thought that was an urban legend. People who “knew better” said you can only get hypnotized if you want to and you submit to the hypnotist. So the stories never bothered me. Until it happened to my mom’s sister – my ninang! To make the long story short, her bank account got wiped out. Yes, she went to the bank to withdraw her entire dollar account. She just went to the palengke to buy stuff. The helpers at home said she came back in a car (she just took the jeep to the market), went up to her room (maybe to get her passbook) and went out with whoever was in the car. She came home in a daze and by the time she realized what happened, it was all over. It was so traumatic she never discussed it. I only got the big picture from my cousins.

    So ingat po!

    See you very soon!

  2. NancyD says:

    That is CRAZY, Bjay! So glad you followed your instinct and didn’t look at him. Glad you’re safe!

  3. Barbie says:

    Ngaik! Dapat kinapa mo agad ang bag mo… baka may kasama pa yan na nag-kakalkal na ng iyong belongings habang distracted ka. But I gotta hand it to you, remaining polite and calm even though it was quickly becoming obvious that he’s trying to pull one over you.

    Katakot that he touched you, baka kung anong hallucinogen ang nilagay nya sa skin mo para madali kang ma-maniplate. 😦

    I’m glad you’re ok! 🙂

  4. Gracie says:

    Waah! Nakakatakot! I’m glad you’re okay. Ang dami nga mga manloloko ngayon. At yuck may pabeso beso pa. Heard lots of stories nung mga naghihypnotize. Kakatakot talaga. Extra careful talaga dapat tayo nowadays. Sa hirap ng buhay kung ano ano na naiisip nilang gimik.

  5. dinah says:

    yikes! what a scary experience! i’m glad you’re okay. beauty kasi eh kaya lapitin 🙂 see you soon!

  6. Cel says:

    Grabe! Buti na lang walang nakuha sa’yo! Marami pala talagang mga ganyan ano. Ingat na lang palagi!

  7. lee i says:

    naku sister buti hindi ka na-budul-budul. bilib naman ako sa presence of mind mo. at polite pa din huh. but seriously, glad that you are safe. and that you can laugh over the experience after. marami talaga manloloko ngayon. kaya nga ako di lumalabas ng bahay eh. (ni-nu-ni-nu…) hehehe.

  8. gracie says:

    That’s scary! It happened also to the ninang of my brother, but the ones who hypnotized her were two girls, who seemed to know a lot of information about her, even her name! We have to be careful in case it happens to us. I’m glad you got out of it ok.

  9. Rox says:

    Naku pang halloween ang dating ng news na yan a!? As if ganun kadali bumili ng Morphine?! And sa stranger daw manghingi!Anyways salamat u got out of it safe. More ingat! Ang bait mo kasi e…And mabuti may presence of mind ka all throughout.

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