weekend jig


you read it right. I had another facepainting “jig” last weekend. as usual, it was fun, fascinating and humid. why was it spelled as jig? my mum had a slip of the tongue moment a long time ago. and from then on, the joke got around the family and we’re using it eversince. peace, mudra!

I’m really thankful for my weekend gigs. it’s not a week-in and week-out kind of thing. but if I get two bookings in a month, that’s considered a good number already. if I’m not facepainting, then I am emceeing at a party. not bad for a weekend income generating channel. yeah.

I don’t really have pictures to prove that I’m doing these activities, so as not to be accused of nahihibang lang, here I grabbed my friend pia’s post over at her blog featuring her son ethan:


I’m a show-off. haha. but I must say her layout is awesome 😀


One Response to weekend jig

  1. Jilly says:

    it’s funny coz we’re also like that in the family, we like making fun of each other. we can already make a sort of like a dictionary because of that. one little cousin greeted my son ‘etitertey’ (happy birthday) and from then on we keep using it when greet someone in the family a happy birthday! =)

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