think boob


as with last year, I made another layout to commemorate the celebration of breast cancer awareness this month. I had a hard time taking my own picture, and this is the best angle I can come up with on timer. it’s hard pala to make the heart shape (try it) this high on your body.  

my style have definitely taken a new shape as well during the last 12 months. just look at my first layout on the same subject here.

I also noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of pink layouts lately! so, pahinga na muna ang fave color. nauuta din ako 🙂  

so there. let it be a reminder that it’s not the bust size that predetermine a person’s chance to be inflicted with the disease. heck, even men could be candidates as well. love yourselves, people.

peace out!


12 Responses to think boob

  1. janine says:

    I could tell that was a heart and I like that layout, its the colours and what the layout means in terms of breast awareness month and the fight against cancer.

  2. Iris Uy says:

    Love your layout sis. Ibang klase tlga yang utak mo! Sana pwde ma scan mga idea sa brain mo at istore sa brain ko haha.

  3. Alby says:

    Love the layout! And your effort to remind us of the importance of loving our boobs. 😀

    I can relate when you said everyone is a candidate. And by everyone, it means even the guys, though it’s very rare in men. My dad is a breast cancer survivor. That puts me in a bigger risk given the family history (and the fact na nagmana ako sa dad ko – not just the physical attributes, even my temperament, my stubborness, etc.).

    I should make a layout on this too!

    Thanks for sharing Bjay!

    BTW, need to email you something but I don’t have your email address. Can you email me and I’ll respond to you? Thanks!

  4. Marix says:

    thanks for the reminder, tagal ko na iniisip pano gawan ng LO ang ganyan, thanks for the idea
    ako naman tagal nang naglie-low sa pink, scrapblocked tuloy ako sa pink hehehe

  5. Cel says:

    I just love everything about this layout! The pink, the black, the glitters, the ribbon, the journal and the photo! *wink* Galing talaga!

  6. chiqui says:

    I love your layout & the message. I love your blog too!

  7. Gracie says:

    Great LO! This is a very nice way to spread the message too.

  8. Galing mo talaga sis! I love everything about this layout! Na down yun Interent ko kaya ngayon ko lang nakita. 🙂

  9. Sheryl says:

    Hi Bjay, love the idea of a LO tribute for BC awareness. I’m going to Rockwell myself for the icanserve foodfest, that’s tom na pala. 🙂 A friend got me free tickets 🙂 Keep it up! 🙂


    I’ve cupped a heart shape on my tummy while pregnant, ganda din ng effect 🙂

  10. Arnie says:

    this is one great LO. thanks for spreading this advocacy about breast cancer awareness. totally love the pic and the effors it took you to take it! super galing! 🙂

  11. lee i says:

    I heart it. Amen, sister, amen.

  12. Rachel says:

    Fabulous as usual! Love it!

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