thanks to all of you who hopped over to the SFTIO™ message board to check this month’s exciting challenges! it’s only the 2nd week of october, and we’ve got 3 challenges running all at the same time. it’s gonna be a blast 😀

anyhoo, here are the rest of my DT layouts. my scanner (or was it the user: ME?!) went bonkers the last time I tried to post all four:

tomorrow: I’m going to a very good friend’s birthday crop party!!! or is it a crop birthday party?! aah, it doesn’t matter! nawa madami ako magawa at di pulos chika lang. hah!



4 Responses to TGIF

  1. Cel says:

    Love all your new layouts Bjay! I especially liked the quote on being a friend. =D

  2. sandrayu says:

    hi bjay,

    wala ka last october 4…wow! love all the LO’s…parang di mo favorite yan letters ng thickers…hinding hindi..hehe! maganda nga yan…i want it too! kaingget..

  3. CH says:

    Hahaha Bjay! Thanks for swinging by my blog. May promo yung Studio Calico ngayon na for every new subscription, kunyari I referred you, we both get an American Crafts kit! Di ko lang alam kung ano yung laman. Hehehe astig no? They’re getting tips from mga pyramid scams.. refer a friend.. and another.. muwahahaaaa! Sub na!! 😉

  4. CH says:

    P.S. Wow thanks for the link! … Now there’s someone who loves her aprons. LOL!!

    … and I love what you did with the new AC! I super love the orange/aqua/pink color combo ❤

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