random wednesday 20


I am so proud of my darling niece tffee. she can really read!!! although she turned 5years old just last february, I sincerely believe she is much smarter than her age. she started reading vowels, and simple 3-letter words when she was four. started reading books in the tagalog vernacular around that same time, too. and last night when I came home from work, she called me and asked me to sit beside her. she showed me a prayer leaflet entitled “a child’s prayer to God” and said she will read it to me. I feigned a half-believing reaction and held my breaththen she started reading all 12 lines with complex words like “straightened”, complete with impeccably correct pronunciations and intonations. I swear I got teary-eyed. if you could only see how she beamed at me. I gotta hand it over to my mum. she was the one who patiently taught the kid 😀

okay, fess up.

have you checked your lipsticks lately? are you used to very dark tinted lipshades? I did a home test. look:

step 1:  I got one of the lipsticks I owned

step 2:  I put a small amount of lipstick at the back of my hand

step 3: rubbed my 18k (14k-24k, your choice) gold pendant 

step 4:  waited.

see that? if it turns blackish, your lipstick has lead. the darker your lipstick is, the higher its lead or cadmium content. and it doesn’t matter whether your lipstick was branded or not.

there’s a gamut of articles online. but you can read the related local story here.

afraid ako. atsuete na lang kaya gamitin ko?


One Response to random wednesday 20

  1. lee i says:

    oh wow. buti na lang since i discovered scrapbooking i haven’t bought a new lipstick. as in pudpud na si aking clinique. hahaha. hmmm…i’d really want to know if this gold test works with plates and glasses. id really want to make sure that the plates we are eating off from are lead free.

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