any takers?


yes, we are for sale. its been only two weeks ago since it happened, the news delivered to us up close and personal.

well, the upside to it is that, there are a lot of interested parties from both the local and mutinational arena, eyeing to buy the business. and we’re still okay insofar as our individual company’s performances are concerend. in short, we’re not losing money in the regional level (i.e., the philippines), it’s just that the federal loan plus its interest rates are so dang high! the mother company must divest in order to repay in such a short amount of time. we’re talking about $85 billion dollars revolving credit in two years here.

when I tried computing it in pesos after the exhange rate, I got an error. imagine that, hindi kinaya ng calculator!

so you ask, what do I do now? NOTHING. the best way to go is to wait it out until a new owner comes in. we were told that it’ll take about 6, 9 months at most for the negotiations to run before we know our FINAL fate. some possible scenarios: if we’re bought pakyawan, that’s good. but if only the portfolio is bought, then it’s bad news. because that means redundancy in positions, major lay-offs, name it. I hope I won’t be a witness to the latter when judgement day comes.

right about now, I am thinking of my own game plan. so please whisper a prayer for me. I’ll be needing heaps of those.



3 Responses to any takers?

  1. Au Lim says:

    awww… how you feel pinches at my heartstrings. i so hate the feeling of uncertainty and i’ve been down that road before about 6 or 7 years ago. and i was just reading the Fed bailout of AIG on Yahoo which made me click to here. i hope everything turns out well for you. ok, whispering a prayer for you right now. i do have a feeling you’ll be alright though. xoxoxox.

  2. Barbie says:

    Bjay, I hope you get to read this… I will pray for you, and wish you luck. Everything always works out somehow.

    You and I are in the same boat…massive layoffs and business deals turned sour. Let’s hunker down together and hope the storm passes soon.

  3. lee i says:

    bjay, am even now saying a prayer for you. been in that road, too. they made the announcement that our office was closing while i was on maternity leave. just got home from the hospital when i got THE call from my boss, as i have to hear it from him daw. wala akong naisip kundi, hello new baby, bye bye job. 😦

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