I’m posting from the office, and I can only upload so much. promise I’ll post my SFTIOlayouts this weekend. it’s a fun and whimsy collection for this month’s theme: JOY!

while waiting for that (uuy, feeling may fans ako), why not head over to the site and join in the fun? lots of challenges and great stuff up for grabs! when you see my layouts, you’ll know who this month’s sponsor will be 😀 panalo!

and speaking of october, have you done this to yourself lately?

october is breast cancer awareness month. and last year, I did my first layout specifically for this cause. you may view it here. I have been planning another one for this month (hoping to make it a yearly thing, you know), so please check back because it’ll be anytime now.

we’ll have a busy weekend again! it’s the second week in a row. but it’s all good. meantime


have a pedi, a mani, a facial, a massage or a haircut. whatever suits your fancy, baby 😉



One Response to TGIF

  1. rome says:

    agree, i should get all of the above! haha
    thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂

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