where did it go?


dear and I went to the supermarket the other day. it’s a monthly thing that we always look forward to because we’re a couple who absolutely delight in doing this “ritual”. we are not recluse when it comes to this particular activity. there is something about the place that invigorates us, it’s inexplicable. drama ba? 😀

anyways, moving on. 

we have decided to yet again maximize our set budget (although it felt like we HAVE been doing this for the past X number of months already) so we can stretch our buying power. so we carted away and started to buy the staples and the necessities, while allowing some room for little luxuries. I have noticed how the canned goods have shot up its prices, and so we had to shortlist that as well. but we didn’t scrimp on fresh meat. we bought what we felt will last us up until the next paycheck arrives. this has always been the case for us, as with others, I believe.

and so we reached the counter and I started to hear the “deeet, deeet” sound of the price scanner. I was still digging through my bag looking for my wallet and cellphone and didn’t notice that the cashier was practically onto the last items for scanning, while the bagger boy was busy loading our loot, almost halfway done. ohmygas, they’re DONE already? and in my mind, I was screaming: “that’s it?!”

I thought we will be able to maximize our budget, but that did not happen. our total bill was no different from the previous months, and yet our buying power only afforded us much less. haay, how sad. the peso is slowly dying on us. it’s crunch time, guys. have you been feeling it too?

in other news. 

although our government offshoot to declare the celebration by 2 days (toink!), let us be one with our muslim friends as they celebrate(d) eid’l fitr. enjoy a non-working holiday tomorrow, anyway. make yourselves productive and re-examine your grocery list 😀

6 Responses to where did it go?

  1. Cookie says:

    ay naku BJAY!!!! Same here!!! dati di ko na madala ang worth 1,500 na groceries.. ngayon isang plastic bag nalang…. minsan panga, if its time to buy harvey his stuff like milk and baon… waah! ubos agad hahaha! hay!!!how i wish this is just a malaking bangungot only hehehe. thnaks for visiting my blog!!! see you sat!

  2. airees says:

    hay i can totally relate sister! sobra! di na din namin malaman kung ano ang gagawin! masyado ba kaming matatakaw kaya sobrang laki ng grocery bill namin???? hindi naman, palagay ko pero baket ganun?! parati kaming, “un na un???” waaaahhhh!!!! oh well, talagang necessities na lang, minsan na lang ang bili namin ng chicheria! 😦

  3. leasanders says:

    Hi, Bjay, just doing my blog rounds. Just wanted to say “hi”. Hey, parents are visiting in Quezon City right now. =) I should ask them to bring back some pastillias.

  4. Marix says:

    naku totally can relate to that scenario, I was just at the supermarket the day before, you know buying food supply for my consumption here in SG hahhaha
    compared to my shopping during the first quarter of the year laking bagay tlga
    pero compared naman d2 e malaking menos kc tumataas na din dito mga bilihin
    un pamasahe katataas lng yesterday haay kahit saan dama tlga ang economic crisis

  5. Barbie says:

    I can relate to this. Dati, okay lang lunch out. Ngayon, kailangan, baon. Hay.

    Dati, namamalengke ako for a family of seven plus help, okay na yung 1,200. Ngayon, 2k, sa amin pa lang ni Fire at Pii, wala pa dun yung mga pusa!

    Hay. Kailangan ko ng raket.

  6. NancyD says:

    Yeah! Everything’s gone up in price here, too! I feel guilty for getting all the yogurt I buy (it’s gone WAAAY up)… but I really like it so I just buy it anyway… 😦 This is affecting all the little things!

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