basang sisiw. that’s how I looked like last night, the thing now with our country whenever it drizzles and more so when it pours, floodwater easily rises on the streets of EDSA. you can just imagine how much worse it can get in bay areas such as in kawit, where I reside. so I got home at 11:00pm last night. at least I was safe and unscathed. good thing I subsisted on siopao while in transit.

haay. commuting under extreme weather can be a battlefield 😦

kaya nga I wasn’t able to upload my layouts today to share with you guys. but check back later, okay?

here it is as promised!

I got a new haircut today. it’s 3 months’ worth of hair protest cut off! I look like I was a blast from the 60s. and my tutchangs and baby hair are in order. STILL. for sure tomorrow, kulot na ako ulit 😀



3 Responses to TGIF

  1. lee i says:

    i was looking for inspiration and i found it here. nice hair! and the LOs too. 🙂

  2. leasanders says:

    Just came by to say “hi”. Love the layouts! Have a great weekend. =)

  3. Cel says:

    I love your new layouts! I especially like the birthday layout with the “LIFE IS GOOD” stamp(?). Nice haircut by the way, and the signature dangly earrings. =D

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