random wednesday 19


I went to the local panaderia the other night and bought my favorites panderegla (the red and violet variety) and pan de coco. I bought a lot and so while manong was scooping out the goodies, I made a mental computation of my bill. as soon as he handed me the sweets I said, “magkano manong ang utang ko sa iyo, beinte dos, noh?”. with a straight face he replied, “hinde, twenty-two.” aba, aba, aba sosyal.

pero teka, pareho lang yun, ah. manong ha, senior moment ka! 😀

I admire these divas for making a stand for something that of world relevance today. cancer, any form of it, is now the number one killer disease in the world. I lost some loved ones to the big C, so you can just imagine how passionate I feel about this. although I am not so sure about miley cyrus’ participation here. watch the video anyways. 


3 Responses to random wednesday 19

  1. NancyD says:

    This was a fun video to watch, thanks for posting!

  2. Gracie says:

    Oh I heard this song a few days ago on the radio. Hehe I don’t know why Miley Cyrus was there nga. Parang di siya belong. I saw your comment on Yoyin’s blog pala… Sure you can buy stuff from me din when they arrive. I’m gonna be starting a small scrapbook business soon kasi dito sa Pampanga dahil walang mabilhan ng supplies dito. I’ll send you an update pag natuloy na & once I start selling din online. Don’t worry I’ll give discounts. Hehe.

  3. dinah says:

    LOL on the sosyal manong! 🙂

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