random wednesday 18


how is your midweek? I hope it is going well as anticipated.

I can’t say the same thing for myself. at least not yet.

please let me digress a bit as I pay tribute to a fellow scrapbooker who died very recently. I stumbled upon a rather vague blog entry about her, quickly became intrigued and hopped on over to her own blog.  she didn’t know me from eden, and I only knew her through her creations but I was a fan. amazing how strongly you can feel for somebody you didn’t really know on a personal level. but because you share the same passion, you somehow have created a kinship.

let me pick up where I left off.

as early as monday morning, the buzz was out and out on the website of bloomberg. and so my day began really slow. discussions went about in hush tones and we conducted random pocket meetings inconspicuously across my department. by nighttime, we were consumed and tired.

yesterday, it was the same thing. email blasts in our local network came flooding in. speaking of assurance and all possible measures to take so we can all help and act in unison to pacify the frenzy. my company, a giant in its league, is in trouble. this never crossed my mind. EVER.

I’ve romanced this kind of adverstiy before, so I am no stranger to what is imminent. I’ve been through a lot worse, believe me, and I have managed to emerge a survivor and even now, blog about it.

as of presstime, there have been improvements on our fate as a company. I guess for now we’ll be okay. for how long – that I do not know. 

I am just grateful today because I can borrow a little more time to re-assess everything. I still have that power within me, don’t I?

and as I was writing this entry, I received a text message from dear. he told me something that sums up everything I needed to hear at the moment so that I may breathe. he’s my gift from the heavens. 

thank you, LORD.


3 Responses to random wednesday 18

  1. dinah says:

    hi beej. my DH was telling me about it yesterday. And just last night, he updated me on the new development. So I think you’re going to be fine. See you soon! 🙂

  2. CH says:

    Sigh, I got really sad when I heard about Aleida. I always drop by the Studio Calico boards and she was so active there e! Kahit hindi ko nga siya kilala, nafeel ko rin as if I lost a friend 😦 Hay!

  3. tna says:

    hi bjay! learned about that news from marix and even saw the post where she shared pictures of her with her daughter. really touching post and very sad news.

    anyway, thanks for dropping by my page. and you just call the shot, pagdating mo dito nakaprepare na ang cake at ibang lutuin namin ni yoyin. 😀

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