you have to excuse me.


because I can only do major complaining through this post. let me refresh your memory a bit. please click here.

I am not complaining about my addiction to yan yan or about heart evangelista’s shampoo endorsement fall-out. it’s about the dogs. OUR neighbors’ crazy canines. yes, plural ito mga kapatid. 

you see, we live within our family’s compound. fun place because it’s contained, it has a well-manicured landscape, and we feel very safe. just perfect for me. point in case: if you happen to run out of bawang or sibuyas, all you have to do is holler at your neighbor so you can resume your momentarily abrupted cosmic sauteeing experience. but what irks me no end is the constant yapping of the dogs for no apparent reason. I am okay on some instances when they bark because they’re not familiar with some visitors we do have every now and then. but to bark at nothing? what’s worse is that the owners doesn’t do anything about it. oh my gaaaadd.

so this past weekend went really tough for me. because these dogs start barking at 4:45am everyday like clockwork, I had migraine by daybreak of sunday. it was a nasty one, the kind that gets you feeling light-headed all day, that even sleeping it off won’t help. so after cooking, I’d lie in bed and pop tylenol. nothing happens. I manage to doze off a bit but as soon as I awoke, I can still feel the throbbing pain. I was hoping to get better by sundown so I could at least do some scrapping and cleaning up of my scraproomalas, it’s already 8:00pm and I’m still not okay. I think I popped tylenol 4x yesterday. so there goes my goal of finishing at least a minimum of three layouts. if you read my previous post after a few jumps under TGIF dated 9/12well, that did not happen. and yes, I blame the neighbors’ dogs. 

should I impale them with vile words or throw expletives? or do I make a commando act and just blast them off to smithereens? it sure played in my head, to be honest with you. when you lack precious sleep you think of a lot of things out of exasperation. before all you dog-lovers crucify me, let me make it clear that I was referring to the OWNERS. I am an animal lover and I believe that adopting a pet, any kind of pet that is, entails a lot of responsibility and dedication. and that includes training them well (and bathing AND hydrating them regularly). it’s already too crass and utterly unethical not to realize that it is fast becoming a major neighbohood disturbance. these owners are way beyond dense to realize that fact. kaya nga nagkakaroon ng hidwaan sa community dahil sa mga walang pakialam na kapitbahay. the famous quote “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks” may well be about the dog owners and not pertain to the dogs per se.

but what do you do if one of the pet owner is the wife of your cousin?

all together now: “oooh

yesss, an affinity nightmare is happening here, my friends.

I still carry a good head over my shoulders, mahaba-haba pa din ang pisi ko, salamat sa Diyos. if only for my beloved cousin who is out of the country at the moment, I’d let my better judgement win over my frustrated self. but I must admit, I have to do something diplomatic about it real soon or I’ll go crazy even without the rabies in my bloodstream.

thanks for reading up to this point. life must go on.


2 Responses to you have to excuse me.

  1. tna says:

    :-X hopefully, this will be resolved {soon} and have you back in your {scrapping} old self. {i really feel for you bjay}

  2. Alby says:

    I have three dogs and I love them to pieces. 😀 But I understand what you mean. Our dogs bark at the sight of cats – as would any dog. And sometimes it happens during the ungodly hours. I don’t know why those stray cats keep coming to our bakuran – maybe to tease the dogs. Anyway, during those times, I’d be so tempted to get up and whack my little canine babies. Sigh. But what can I do. It’s their nature.

    So, wala akong masa-suggest. Nagkwento lang. Hehe.

    A thought came to mind actually. But it’s too mean to share here. Maybe when we see each other. 😀

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