random wednesday 17



first of, I would like to thank all of you who took time to read last week’s random wednesday 16: the bag report post. special thanks goes out to those who commented and threw in more than their 2¢’s worth. I found it amusing to get a traffic congestion over this particular entry, I only realized it was getting congested because even I was having a hard time getting inside my own blog 😀 so I therefore conclude that: (a) even if it is a blind item but your heading is “designer bags”, it can quickly stimulate the XX chromosomes, (b) not all women are willing to slave just yet to get one of the most coveted designer bags, (c) BUT, will grin from ear to ear if the same will come in the form of a “gift”, a lesser evil option. makes sense, methinks. haha.

it’s been raining like hell eveyday, noh? and the lighting and thunder is unbelievable! I was counting its intervals last monday night and it comes every 5 seconds or so. medyo madalas ata. I HATE  thunders. I get really scared out of my wits. dear said he saw in the news that it’ll go on like this until weekend. so please don’t forget to bring your trusty payongs, panlamig and botas. okay, maybe you can leave your botas behind.

do you remember the sugababes group? mutya buena who is part of the original group (leftmost) that is composed of siobhan and keisha is of 100% filipino descent. she’s had a good solo career going on and I particularly love her new single entitled “b-boy”. listen to it here. 

I stumbled upon a photo of a very young angelina jolie sans the angst:

doesn’t she look uncannily like destiny cyrus a.k.a. miley cyrus?

I wish our politokos are as principled just like their counterparts in thailand… their prime minister guested in one cooking show, accepted payment for the gig but he was removed from office simply because he shouldn’t have – it’s against their law. sadly though, dito sa atin harap-harapan na tayong niloloko, wala pa ding nangyayari. and why was chavit singson appointed to such a sensitive position? what was she thinking?!


One Response to random wednesday 17

  1. tna says:

    ellow! magkahawig nga angie and miley. 🙂 galing talaga ng mga random entries mo. i look forward to them each week. 😀

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