random wednesday 16: the bag report


if you have the money, would you buy one of these?

or rather this?

last weekend, my best bud ems and I were walking through the designer bag arcade of greenbelt3 and naturally, we talked about how the clamor for designer bags have mass-invaded the philippine fashionista scene in the recent year or so. and so we debated, like if indeed we had the money to burn, of whether to buy, or not to buy one for ourselves. and by doing either of the choices will we stop there? according to some experts, there is what they call an “entry level” purchase. HUH? so I surmise that one collection will NOT be enough. meaning, if money’s not really an issue, one can work her way up to a more pricey piece and then some. apparently it is quite addictive and you can even develop a well-known disease called walang kaligayahan.

ELVIE and GOOTCH are the more popular brands. what used to be for the more privileged bag-lovers have become the most coveted of the rest of them, too. I used to wonder if the proliferation of these bags and some other popular brands are all for real. because even if I am not an owner of any, I can tell from meters away that it is a knock-off version, basing on its craftsmanship (kahit class A pa ‘yan). but what if it was a really pretty girl wearing it? now this is where I draw the line. it doesn’t necessarily mean because she is pretty, she’s wearing the real deal, di ba. and there’s even a proper way to fling these bags. much like a ferrari red stiletto, it takes a lot of attitude to pull it off. kaya nga if the outfit is ghastly uncoordinated, then the bag goes down with it too. my opinion only 😀

I have a story to share. I have a friend who loaned from her mother just to buy THE bag. and there’s another one who’s paying for it in equal monthly installments under balance transfer through her credit card. which led me to thinking can fashion really dictate the way we manage our financial freedom? and how far are we willing to go to stretch the limit? does the mere smell of its innards enough consolation for the wads of money that was paid for it? what happened to the good ‘ol secosana, susana or kimbel bags? haha, okay, I’m exaggerating already. 

the most expensive bag I possess is just over $170, give or take our current exhange rate. I still want to have a prettier bag to fling. so yes, I do HAVE the disease. but I don’t want to slave just yet to satisfy my capricho. besides, there are more pressing matters that needs my money-saving prowess nowadays. having said that, indeed my best bud ems and myself do have concrete plans of owning an elvie or gootch one day, someday as to when that will materialize? ewan namin.

so ladies, what’s the most expensive bag that you own? and are you still in-love with it? share naman diyan!

DISCLAIMER: this blog entry is not meant to diss those who already own THE bag 😀



18 Responses to random wednesday 16: the bag report

  1. None of these are to my likening, so no matter the cost, I wouldn’t buy one! I own one purse and I use it until it starts to fall apart! I usually buy them for around $20.00 when I need one, and they generally last a couple years! Can’t beat that!

  2. Pearl says:

    a) the most expensive bag I bought was a RL houndstooth bag (about php8k).. i don’t know where i hid that bag – it was too small for my comfort – i rarely used it because it cannot fit my ‘anik’
    b) if i had a trillion dollars, i’d buy the hermes birkin bag and give those social climbers something to talk about
    c) i love bags, i do eye the designer labels as well and wish i own a Gucci myself – i can only be contented at looking in the display windows along Orchard Road and sigh.. but my philo about knock-offs is that i’d rather buy a decent looking no-name bag than carry a fake.. same goes with clothes and shoes..
    d) i remember when i was still in school i had this classmate who always sported the latest high-end branded bags – as in the LV sack in 4 colors!- rumor had it then that she was being physically abused by ‘somebody’ and the bags are like ‘rewards’ for being a punching bag.. i thought that was bogus and that she was just friggin’ rich. but lo and behold one day she came to class carrying this spanking patent leather Gucci bag (ugh! i was staring at that bag the whole time!) but the concealer and foundation in her face cannot hide the black eye she was sporting.. hah!

  3. April says:

    I would love to have one of those bags but I would buy them if i really have the excess money to spare. Hirap din kasi to go out or commute tapos ganyan ang dala mo. Bka mas mahal pa ang bag kesa sa laman..hehehe

    While some buy just to be “in”, i think others buy them because they have a resell value. In Japan, you’re not allowed to bring fake LV bags. As in hinaharang sa airport. Meron kasi silang 2nd hand store ng mga LV bags.

  4. Mich Sonza says:

    My most expensive bag is with a LV label. It costs about ehemmmm…50K. poink, poink! Whats good about it was, it was my parents who paid for it because i could have not afford it. I have a number of Coach Collection and Gucci. Do i still use the LV bag or the Coach bags. No more! One of my coach bag is used as a toy by my daughter. She just refuse to return it. I am a bag and shoe addict. Whether its cheap or expensive. If i want it, ive got to have it! Bad me!

  5. Tin says:

    Before anything, love your insights as always Bjay 🙂

    funny how you mentioned walking Greenbelts halls, among the Elvies and Gootchies, because i too go through those halls. More often than not, i just pass through because its cooler and that the ladies room there is much nicer LOL

    i’m no hypocrite, i have designer bags, but gifts from a doting aunt (and not a sugar daddy and definitely not for being a punching bag). put it this way, whenever i would tease my SO to buy me one of the coveted bags he would say “Sure! Anything your heart desires. Punta tayo ng Greenhills” *sigh*

    honestly, like April if i had the extra cash perhaps i would go out and buy myself one. but then again, i’ve been in that position and i always hold back. my thoughts? do i REALLY REALLY want to buy a bag that can pay my electircity bills, monthly dues, and all household expenses in one go? i won’t lie, it DID cross my mind to say YES, but thank goodness it got the better of me lest i want to do without PLDT and Meralco for months.

  6. Liza says:

    I’d love to get my hands on one of those bags, really! But honestly, I don’t think that would be a priority.
    I’m not the type really who goes for expensive bags, meaning beyond 2K. If I had the luxury of money, I probably will get me a few of those. Right now though, that’s just a wish.
    Besides, I’m the type who goes for un-branded labels. I also buy from Greenhills, I don’t care if it’s a knock-off. I buy coz I want it and not to be “in.” I’m really more practical coz I don’t change bags often. And, yes, I’d rather pay my bills and buy the tiles I need for oour house than to buy any bags at this point. LOL!

  7. Pam Cayetano says:

    e bjay, dami naman immitation nyan sa divisoria e. haha! yun na lang buy ko at least i can buy diffrent designs pa kasi super cheap! actually, i own some branded bags but, i didnt buy it. Panay regalo lang sakin yun! hehe..

    uy, ganda nung pink! bagay sayo! buy na!!!

  8. bes says:

    the first LV bag I have ever received was when I was around 8 years old. I got the baby speedy. Since then, I have amassed roughly 22 pcs of the bags, ranging from messenger bags, toilette, luggage. What made me buy so much? I had too much disposable income and not enough brains. Most of my bag purchases were done when I was SINGLE. Yes, coupling up has an effect on me.
    One thing great about buying the real stuff is that they literally outlive you. I have a handme down from my lolo and an Uncle. Great pcs. I guess you pay for the quality as well.
    As investment items, bags are not that great. They depreciate. Better to invest in something else. As with all things, bags,shoes and scrapbooking stuff, you buy it because you love it, you crave it, napapanaginipan mo. period.
    Pero HONESTLY, the bags I use the most would be the 150 pesos lesupportsac (knocked off) shopper I got from Divisoria, and yung mga environment bags. Hmm, how’s that for ironic?

  9. dinah says:

    I’m not one to buy a Gucci or LV bag. It’s just not me. I do have a few pieces of other brands though as well as some unbranded ones. I love bags & shoes! Brand or no brand. Which girl doesn’t, right? So would I buy those bags? If I were still single, definitely! But right now, I have to think of the future of the little boy running around in my house. Maybe in a couple of years, puede na. And ever since I opened a shoe & bag factory, it’s been very difficult for me to buy retail! But the good news is, I have people who can make me my own knock offs!

  10. Ria says:

    I just have to add my 2cents here because I have one of those bags pictured here — haha! So far, it is my one and only one. And super gamit na gamit.
    Of course, if money was not an issue I would go for all these designer items (why stop at bags?). But as things are, I can’t bring myself to buy one of these babies for myself, but when it is given as a gift, who am I to say “No”?
    I have a cousin who is addicted to Elvies (I’m trying to get in her will — or at least my daughters…hehe), but she really works hard and saves money in order to buy them, so I can’t begrudge her these little joys.
    Do I want more of them? You bet! Will I get more of them? That my husband will have to answer…hehe.

  11. Barbie says:

    I read in Brand, a marketing research journal, that lower-and mid-income women in SEA like myself would easily live on nothing but instant noodles to be able to buy a designer bag. The mentality is, fake it until you make it, and these women believe that by flaunting the bag, they exude the confidence that attracts better opportunities. What say you to this?

    Maybe the whole “you are what you wear” works for those ladies in the research, but I don’t believe I’d buy any of the bags you mentioned, BJay, even if I did have money to burn. Bags to me are simply functional. I’d spring for quality – heavy-duty backpacks and premium luggage that can take a beating, but I’d not buy for “da pretty”.

    I used to only own and maintain one bag at a time – either a red or black backpack – using it every single day until it wore out. As circumstances have dictated, I now also own a tiny red evening bag, a mail-bag-type briefcase, and my signature red backpack. And now i have reached my bag limit, ahahaha.

    I guess it’s because a) I think I probably run in circles in which nobody cares about what I wear or have and vice versa, and b) I would rather spend on other big-ticket items, like travel, and gourmet food.

    Like almost everyone has said, I’d never say no to a gift bag (my sister has a top-end bag that came from my aunt), though.

    And BJay, you and Ems will get your dream flings eventually. 😉 Dreams are made for coming true!

  12. Marix says:

    interesting insight bjay!
    frankly dahil nga ata fad ang mala-signature bags na yan inasam ko din magkaron nyan, I’m actually eyeing a Coach bag since honestly d ko type ang LV dahil marami na meron nun dito but then I realized madami na din ang meron ng Coach, nag-sale kc hahahha buti pa cla me pambili
    But I guess to each her own, some of my friends spends so much on shoes, cellphones, jewelries, but I can’t just have one piece so I buy 3-5 bags per year (from sporty to kikay) pag total ko cguro ng amount I can buy one such signature bag pero I go for quantity hahahaha anyway my relatives benefit from those bags as well kc I give them out pag nasawaan ko na, o dba nakapagpasaya pa ko hehehe

  13. loved your insights on these arm candies 🙂 but right now, the only things i can afford are the wallet versions hahaha!!! I fall in love with bags easily, but aside from several unbranded ones, Coach bags are the only ones i have.sigh. maybe once my addiction to scrap supplies fades away, i’d be able to give myself a real treat.

  14. Alby says:

    I always tell my friends that the money I used to buy scrapping stuff since I started two years ago, would already get me at least two LV bags. I’m not a bag person. If I have spare money, I’d travel, to some remote island in the Philippines. If I have a lot of spare money, I’d go to an African Safari or to a Mediterranean cruise. Or spend it on technology – the best Mac out there, or the best camera accessory etc.

    I guess kanya-kanyang hilig yan. My most expensive bag is one made by Aranaz. Hubby gave it to me as a monthsary gift. Come to think of it, I never buy bags! Oh my! I just realized it. Most of my bags were given by my hubby! I won’t splurge on a bag but would be ecstatic to receive one. An LV would be really neat. If ever hubby gives me one, I’d be his * slave forever – haha!!! But I doubt if he will give me one. He knows I have other priorities. 😀 Like getting my dream scrap room.

  15. Au Lim says:

    i always often ask myself that exact same question: “would i buy one of these even if i had tons of money?” and the answer always comes back the same…NO WAY…hahaha…

    not that i wouldn’t want one had it been gifted to me, i do admire the craftsmanship and beauty but probably, being “negosyante” at heart siguro, i wouldn’t spend too much of my hard earned money in something that wouldn’t at least POSSIBLY earn or add me more IQ points. for example, i would always think, hey, scrapbooking is something i can generate at least some income out of IF i chose to… or my photography gear is an investment in my skills–you know, justification like that 😀 getting a pretty (and expensive!) bag just don’t hack it for me. i think it’s simply status symbol anyway and to that end naman, repulsed ako with the implied egotism. especially kung kelangan ko pang hulugan…hahaha…

    OR siguro more like kuripot at heart lang ako…hehehe…

    OR maybe too much of a pragmatist din kasi i’m also the sort who tells my husband i would knock him on the head if he gives me cut flowers kahit pa arranged into a pretty bouquet. i’d much rather he spend the money getting me my favorite plants or flowers (while still attached to the plant) from the garden center 😀

  16. Reggie says:

    Like the state of addiction which i have now on scrapbooking, I used to burn my savings and my husband’s just to get the latest LV collection. It may say something against my self-esteem, but being seen sporting an LV bag somehow gives you the feeling of being “in”. The influence of friends who are likewise into bags may be considered the culprit. It somehow immortalizes the famous saying “tell me who your friends are and Ill tell you who you”. I just justified my LV addiction as something which my daughter will inherit. At least I will leave something concrete for my daughter when I am gone. He he he. Presently, my addiction to scrapbooking has clipped my desire to have another LV bag. I guess it cannot be both, so I choose scrapbooking. 🙂

  17. airees says:

    very interesting post, bjay! it made me realized just how many bags i have in my cabinet that, if only I could exchange them for $, i could have bought 2 macbook pros! hehehe! BUT, I did NOT buy them all! They were all given to me by my mom & sis who happen to be bag “addicts”. Most of them are brand new, some are used. The most expensive one is an LV messenger bag my sis bought me last year when we were in Santana Row. I had with me my Heartstrings (local) messenger bag and she told me it looks so ragged (mukang basahan na daw!!!) And so she bought me 1. Before, I only have just 1 bag-for-all-seasons, whether it color coordinates with my outfit or not! hehehe. I can say life was simpler then…I don’t have to transfer all my abubots unlike now when I became more OC because I have more choices now. Haay, life! Now, if you would ask me if I’ll buy it, maybe just 1 that would be my “bag-for-all-seasons” but it will really depend if hubby will approve it for which I will be that will never happen! hehehe. Knock -offs – I’d rather buy a locally-made bag by a Filipino artist rather than a knock-off from China or wherever. At least I supported a budding entrep than copycats/smugglers!

  18. Olive says:

    mare it’s not the brand that matters…it’s how you carry it. but of course if you have the money to buy it, why not diba? guilty ako kasi i’ve been drooling over the LV beauborg kasi it’s just so perfect for my laptop and business tools. muntik ko nang bilhin kanina, nagpigil lang ako…hoping na manalo ako un sa LV game…hehehe

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