merry christmas!

it is exactly 115 days before christmas. let the countdown begin.

here in our country, as soon as the “ber” months set in, you can almost simultaneously hear christmas carols on the airwaves, see mall displays carrying the theme and of course, the smell of puto bumbong and bibingka being sold on the streets. even before september came, in mid-august, the manangs from where I live have already begun selling these yummies:

let’s see. as of last count, I have amassed a total of 41 godchildren, with a new candidate coming in october. the number of my godchildren even outsmarted my age. I think it’s weird. don’t get me wrong, though. I always thought it’s an honor to be asked to be the godmother of some kid. but I also believe that I must have a special, albeit deep connection to at least one parent. so that taking the oath of being a second parent to their child can really mean something beyond superficial, and not just equate to a big gift box or a handsome monetary blessing. I actually get offended if I was asked to be the ninang when I don’t see the essence on why for I was being asked in the first place! hello eh, close ba tayo?

in all, let me say that the fall out rate* (*fall out rate means hindi ko talaga ka-close sinuman sa mga magulang) from my 40+ godchildren is 15%. I used to prepare gifts for all these kids every christmas. and if they don’t show up, I personally deliver their gifts the following day. but I’ve learned my lesson. my christmas list will be a lot leaner this year. after all, some of these kids have grown way too old already. unfortunately, some doesn’t even give a hoot nor acknowledge my presence in the few instances we bump into each other during social gatherings. nasa magulang din talaga ang initiative para turuan ang anak na magbigay-pugay sa ninang o ninong nila.

but then again. I didn’t really have that special, albeit deep connection to at least one parent, right?


7 Responses to merry christmas!

  1. Marix says:

    wow kakagutom ang puto bumbong! naku ako nga lost count na sa inaanak baka sinusumpa din ako ng iba na d ko man lng nasilayan, ni pangalan at bday e d ko alam hehehe pero totoo un asa magulang din un, kaya basta nagmano saken un na me aginaldo na sa Pasko hahhaha

  2. dinah says:

    puto bumbong!! think i’ll drive to via mare for merienda 🙂

  3. Rox says:

    Haaay sarap naman nyan BJay (ng puto bumbong ha hindi yung 40+ inaanak)…parang naamuy amoy ko na yan ngayun…(sabay hikbi)…

  4. Alby says:

    Wow! Saan meron nyan? If it’s somewhere near my place, I’m definitely having puto bumbong this weekend. 😀

    I know how you feel about the inaanaks. Between me and Ariel, we have 100+. I have a database of all of them – with gifts dating back to 5 years ago. With so many inaaanaks, it’s hard to keep track. But just like you, my list this year will be leaner. I wo’t buy for everyone, just those I am sure we will see. If they don’t come to us, we won’t go to them – unless they are kids of really close friends and relatives. 😀 I realized, marami na ang naipon na unclaimed gifts. 😀

  5. leasanders says:

    Ah, thoughts of Christmas already? Too early for me. I need to get through the autumn months first. Lots of stuff here for autumn–pumpkin patches, corn mazes, Halloween, the changing of colors in the trees. I guess there isn’t that kind of thing in the Philippines, huh?

    Oh! Love the capiz decoration picture! I think my parents have one, too. =)

  6. bjay says:

    hi, girls! thanks for dropping me a note. malapit na talaga ang pasko para sa mga pinoy, at least. pero ang simoy ng hangin… mainet 😀

    hi, ALBY! after ng aguinaldo loop and before reaching the jetti gas station, to your right is a teeny-weeny pink colored bibingkahan outlet. usually sina manang are color-coordinated ang suot na shirts and bandanas. we just had our bumbong last night. sarap! but if you like panalong-panalong bibingka, there’s one na sinasadya pa namin sa church ng rosario, cavite. mas masarap kaysa sa via mare or ferrino’s 😀 tara?

  7. Cielo Pauly delos Santos says:

    We’re kindred spirits when it comes about being selected as Ninangs to a complete stranger, nagtataka nga din ako pag may kumuha sa akin para mag ninang sa ni hindi ko man lang masyado kakilala yung either of the parents, minsan nga tuloy yung nagiging sukatan ng pagiging ninang is yung capacity to give aguinaldos, nawawala na yung true meaning na kaya mo nga kinukuhang ninang or ninong ang isang tao para sa kung anu’t ano man ang mangyari sa iyo, mapapanatag ka na maaalagaan naman ng taong ito ang anak mo.
    During Christmas time (dahil sa sobrang stranger nyo sa isa’t isa pag ganung araw mo lang siya nakikita) nasa gate pa lang sisigaw na ng “MAAARS, andito na yung inaanak mo,” with all the kapatids and friends ng inaanak mo kasama sa namamasko.
    Nung kinuha akong Ninang nung childhood friend ko pati roomates ko nung college, di na ako nagtaka, pero to a complete stranger…huh?
    Same situation with my husband, kinuha siyang Ninong nung kapitbahay ng pinsan niya, we live a town away from that cousin of his…need I say more…

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