random wednesday 15

last monday, I had to do the groceries by myself because dear wasn’t feeling well. and so off I went. as soon as I was done with my groceries, I headed to the ramp to get to the parking lot. my cart was really HEAVY, since it contained a month’s worth of food and household effects. and so I was pushing it ever so slowly, while trying to balance my weight because it’s really an effort to do it in an ascending fashion. 

I was almost on top of the parking lobby when all of a sudden, KLANGGGggg…! sumabit ang sakong ko sa cart just behind me! can you imagine my ankle getting caught by the front wheel of another cart? geez, I swear I squirmed in pain! nagdilim ang paningin ko and I stopped on my tracks. as an initial reaction, this is what I said (verbatim) to the bagger boy who was the proponent of my mishap:

ME: aaaaraaay!!! 

BAGGER BOY: (blank face)

ME: ano ka ba? hindi mo ba alam ang ginagawa mo?!

BAGGER BOY: (still with a blank face, pero nakanganga )

ME: bakit kailangan mo akong tutukan? hindi mo ba napansin na mabagal ang lakad ko?! hindi naman magaan itong itinutulak ko eh!

BAGGER BOY: (blank face, medyo maputla na this time)

ME: wala ka ba man lang sasabihin sa akin ?! hindi ka ba man lang magso-sorry?!

BAGGER BOY: sorry poh…

– ayun, kailangan pa i-prompt ang bwiset. then I turned to the lady beside us who was the owner pala of the groceries!

ME: naman ale, he’s supposed to be your responsibility! you can’t just walk ahead and not mind kung anong nangyayari sa cart nyo!  

hinabol pa ako ng ale and said: “iha, nag-sorry ba sa iyo?”

MY thought bubble: DUH. are you on drugs, ale? aba’y katabi ka lang namin while I was doing my public outrage, ah. haaay nako, I am not normally a warfreak pero ang mga tao nga naman… 

after I regained my composure, I walked towards my car with a limp. I got home safe and told dear what happened. as of today, my bruise is now a pretty shade of violet. ha-huntingin ko yung bagger boy next time. tatakutin ko lang 😀

michael V (beethoven del valle bunagan in real life) is on the cover of the september 2008 issue of reader’s digest asia. he is only the second filipino to be featured next to former philippine president cory aquino in 1987. “bitoy” as he is fondly called, is a real phenomena in the philippine comedic scene. his witty and revolutionary brand of comedy has changed the face of how to make our nation laugh. we’ve had enough of the slapsticks. I didn’t really enjoy it even as a child. I remember watching the three stooges and asking my mum why they have to hurt each other and still get a canned laughter on the background. so YAY for bitoy!

MISS SISTER 2008? aw, c’mon.

okay, before I climax this wednesday’s random sharing, a disclaimer first. my last topic is not meant to elicit violent reactions from other religious denominations, much less from my own. the following are but my personal opinion expressed solely for purposes of discussion.

rev. father antonio rungi from the naples area of italy wanted to organize an online “beauty” contest for nuns to fight the stereotype that they are old, sad and stout. he alleged that the contest was conceived so that blog readers can vote for the nun who can best express her calling through all the holy and noble things she has done and stressed that [quote] “it will not be based on her physical beauty, but on her worth as a servant of God. and they will not parade in swimsuits.” [unquote].

father rungi is trying to be funny. STILL.

the idea has opened a can of worms and father rungi has gotten some slack from his own superiors. and personally, I think it’s a bit perverse. to become a nun is to embrace a vocation, maybe an ungrateful profession. to provide them a forum to “promote” their charitable contributions through the world wide web just so they can get points for doing what is presumably expected of them, is sacrilege in itself. they don’t have to partake on a popularity contest to be appreciated for what they’re supposed to be doing as nuns. let’s leave it at that.

father rungi said he was misunderstood that is why he is scrapping the whole idea of launching the miss sister 2008 contest supposedly this coming september. I say he doesn’t know the real implications of the novelty he’s trying to start – until he got the paper stones thrown at him, so to speak.

I am a catholic but there are some things that are best left alone. if you know what I mean.

peace out! 😀 

7 Responses to random wednesday 15

  1. leasanders says:

    I hope you’re feeling better. I get that the cart hit you but I couldn’t understand all of the dialogue! (I tried though but didn’t get far!) =( I think I would have exploded right then and there if there was no offer of apology.

  2. Alby says:

    Im sorry to hear about your supermarket encounter. I get that a lot too and I just hate it! Specially while lining up for the cashier. Hay!!! I can imagine your dialogue with the bagger. I was laughing out loud while reading your post. :b

  3. Barbie says:

    Ouch. For the collision to have caused your ankle to bruise, it must have been bad. 😦 I hope it feels better soon. Hay, marami talagang weird people in the service industry.


    As to the strange priest, he’s still a man – with a taste for women, I suppose. Sad lang that he’s using nuns, under the guise of charity, to make satisfy his lewdness. 😦

  4. NancyD says:

    Okay, I have no idea what you said to the bagger boy, but obviously he deserved it, and I think you told him off, so GOOD FOR YOU!! 🙂

    I agree with you about the nun contest. That’s in poor taste.

  5. leirs says:

    hi..i agree im glad you told him off and am also glad that you said something to the owner of the cart. She probably forgot that she’s in the parking lot and thought that she was in the park. Highblood moment yan for sure.. Whatever they say about Michael V I still don’t like him as a person. I had a friend na customer nila si Michael V sa restaurant kinuha nya yung order sinabihan sya pag di ka tinatawaag wag ka lumapit umalis ka sa harap ko,, Wala lang sharing lang.Miss you!!! See you soon!

  6. Cel C. says:

    I like Bitoy before, until he copied Jamie Kennedy’s style of wearing make-up pretending to be someone else spoofing someone. Mula nun, ang tingin ko na sa kanya is gaya-gaya.

  7. Cel C. says:

    I’m a subscriber of Readers Digest, and because of the feature on Bitoy, I’m gonna be writing to them talaga.

    Take care ha! pagaling ka ng paa. =)

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