everything but…


sure, I love pink. if it isn’t obvious to you yet, my dear readers, let it be known now. but a pink municipal hall? MY municipall hall?! uhmm, well


for what I consider an eyecandy of a color, this one is fast becoming an eyesore edifice for me. sana white with pink accents na lang. 

humirit pa din, eh


4 Responses to everything but…

  1. Marix says:

    how about the interior? pink din? ko din type ko ang pink pero d ko type na color ng building unless nasa theme park ng Sanrio hahhaha

  2. Yoyin says:

    hihihihi…parang cake…parang ang sarap kagatin!!! 🙂 di kaya langgamin ang town hall ninyo?

  3. tna says:

    hihihi…naalala ko yung nadadaanan naming bahay on our way home. they painted it pink and it wasn’t cute, lalo na kung di terno ang gate (na brown). hihihihi

  4. leasanders says:

    But it is a yummy shade of pink. Looks like it would taste sweet! Just kidding.

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