random wednesday 13


they started at home, lipsynching songs and uploading them in youtube. their fanbase grew and before they know it, they’re on the bubble gang tv show! meet “iyotube”. they’re brothers and they’re straight, by the way.

pogi pa din si tony hadley. when I was younger I said I’m gonna meet and marry him. that was after I fell out of love with rick astley 😀 a few days ago I caught him in 2 local shows… gosh, he is still quite a looker. eh kasi naman 6″4′, anoh. I swear if he sang “lifeline” on those incidents I saw him, I’m gonna sing my lungs out! I still :heart: him.


did you notice the google search bar a few days ago? I caught a piggy here doing an olympic dive:

cute, noh?

there’s a new car insurance company called pink wheels, and they only cater to female car owners. the promise of all help available for the damsel in distress is very tempting. it’s a division of UCPB general insurance. worth checking out. 

jake gyllenhaal’s making a movie that will feature a lot of his… well, go figure. and if the picture’s not photoshopped at all, how do you say?

midweek, midweek… 2 more days before my… 😀




3 Responses to random wednesday 13

  1. Sis! I so love your thoughts and comments. My day wouldn’t be complete without going over your blog. Hehehe! (And I used to love Tony Hadley too! Him and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran. Hehehe! Lumalabas ang edad natin!)

  2. Nancy D says:

    I think that Jake is FOR REAL! But I still said ask Reese cause it’s funny. 😛

  3. Nancy D says:

    P.S. i LOVE those lip-syncing boys! I watched them do a Backstreet Boys song a few months ago and I nearly lost it! Thanks for the new one…

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