a scrapbooking equation


my goal is to do 2 layouts a week, and it’s already the 8th month of the year, with exactly 30 weeks to-date.

how many layouts am I behind target given that I only finished 39 layouts so far?


where A (months) x B (frequency) = C (run rate on layouts to-date)

7 x 4 (+ 2) = 30

30 x 2 = 60

60 – 39

= 21


21 layouts, or, I am behind by 10.5 weeks

of course I could’ve made my life easier by simply saying I am behind by 21 layouts. I just figured I wanted to make my life a tad complicated today and do the math… besides, I needed a blog entry 😀

– – –


5 Responses to a scrapbooking equation

  1. Funny ka talaga!

  2. LOL!!! Start scrapping, girl!

    BTW, I am about to give you an award… please check out my blog later 😉

  3. leasanders says:

    Okay, so now show us a graph of the results!

  4. Rachel says:

    math rocks! you are too funny~

  5. bjay says:

    haha! not even sure if the equation I used was right! I just thought to give it a go for tuesday’s blog entry’s sake! harharhar…

    CV, see you at your blog later – – –

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