and my birthday RAK winner is…


THANK YOU ladies for all the wonderful entries you sent! it was hard to pick only one. I had to narrow my choices to a manageable three, before I decided on THE one.

I received a total of 16 entries! WOW. a number were literally hand-drawn sketches, and I loved it! talk about authenticity. I told you I’m not delicado. and of course the rest were borne out of technology’s wand, and they were really awesome! either way, the love is there. I can feel it. hey. 😀

I am just a little amused that the “signature” big accent that came out of majority of the entries bore flowers. and I noticed that I am partial to mutilated flower accents indeed! hmmm, I didn’t realize I was girly after all. oh well, it’s a nice revelation of myself. heehee.

o-ha, ready na? drumroll please…………….

and here is my take, and of course it has to be pink-ish:

journaling: I am 36 years old today. I am changing… and I am loving it! 080908. notice the time? that is the time that I was actually born 😀

thank you, YTET! you definitely made my birthday LO more special. will be in touch with you shortly so I can send your RAK loot asap! 

simple joys lang today. heard mass, just stayed home and ate birthday staples (a.k.a. pansit, cake). not sure if we’re going out tonight to watch my nephew, tim stage their barkada-sponsored dance competition in the city. I remember I used to join dance contests as well when I was younger. now I am just at the sidelines watching like a hawk.

gawd, I’m old 😀



14 Responses to and my birthday RAK winner is…

  1. Happy Birthday, Bjay! Wishing you more blessings in the coming year!

    Congrats, Ytet!

  2. I love your take on the sketch!

  3. ytet says:

    Wow! Bjay, Thank you so much for picking my sketch/layout. You did great and your layout is really beautiful, more than I expected. Love the details.

    Happy birthday again.

  4. tna says:

    happy birthday, bjay! love your layout. 🙂

  5. tna says:

    congrats ytet! 🙂

  6. Timi says:

    Happy birthday, Bjay! Great take on the sketch. Love all the pink.

    Congrats to Ytet, too. Love your sketch.

  7. Maybs says:

    Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to you!!! Harinawa’y matamo mo ang lahat ng ninanais ng iyong napakagandang puso!!! mwahhh!!!

  8. Gracie says:

    Belated Happy Birthday BJ! My first time to drop by your blog. You’ve got some great stuff going on here. I love your LOs! I’ll be visiting your blog again for sure. Hope it’s ok if I link you up. 🙂

    Gracie- your fellow scrapper from PS

  9. Uy! Ganda ganda naman ng layout mo! I love the pink flowers! Congrats kay Ytet! Magamit nga din yun sketch. Pero pang 12×12. 🙂

  10. leirs says:

    Happy Birthday!! sorry di na ako nakasali.. medyo busy lang talaga ako this past few days

  11. Cel C. says:

    happy belated birthday bjay! Sali dapat ako sa RAK mo kaso late ko na nalaman and I only had 4 hours left before deadline, eh birthday ko pa naman nun 08.08.08 dumating na mga bwisita! hehe.

    Very nice girlish layout!

  12. bjay says:

    hi, girls! thank you for all the birthday greetings! really appreciate you taking time out to hop in here. I am glad you liked my take on ytet’s sketch 😀

    sa mga hindi naka-abot sa deadline, harinawa we can do this again next year!

    congrats, ytet!

  13. Liza says:

    Wonderful layout sis! And I love the title and the journal. Short but sweet! Happy birthday ulit ha!

  14. […] anyway, just like last year and the year before that, I am giving away a RAK to any of my philippine-based reader who is willing to play along in […]

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