random wednesday 12


the other day, as I alighted from my bus to walk towards my office, it started to drizzle. I was too lazy to use my umbrella so I decided to shrug off the rain. all of a sudden, a young man came up to me and just offered his already opened umbrella. he then politely said, “miss, baka po kayo sipunin.”. dang. chivalry is alive and KICKING 😀

the american idol™ franchise held one of their typical open call auditions in san juan, puerto rico and instead of the usual capacity crowds lined up practicing their awful renditions of tired whitney houston standards, it was reported that only around 300 hopefuls turned out. it was dismally empty at the lot.

do you still remember the adorable little boy in the movie jerry maguire with a cutesie lisping?

jonathan lipnicki is all grown up. still cute, I think. only in a strange way 😀

now here’s the $14 million jolie-pitt babies! although reports says that the rights for people & hello! magazines reportedly brought that much bacon to the couple, a chunk of which is still going to several charities. just like the way it was when shiloh’s first baby pictures came out. 



pic2 from chuvaness.com

J.Lo must hand it over to kim kardashian already… and I thought the handing over will never gonna happen. EVER. = gasp! =

I have two youtube videos that I wanted to share with you. but I don’t know how to upload it. if anybody out there is willing to help, email me please! 😀

2 Responses to random wednesday 12

  1. Janine says:

    Hi Bjay I know you said to email you. But I post Youtube clips all the time. When you are writing a post, you will see the bos where it says post, look along there and it says add media. Click on the second icon which says add video(when you move your mouse above it). If you click on that you will be presented with another box. I copy and paste my you tube link in there and upload like I do with a photo. Just doublec check that the owner of the you tube click has enabled the link as some people disable them and you can’t share the link. Hope that helps. email if I have confused you.

  2. bjay says:

    hey, janine! thanks for the heads up! I think I did that before and nothing happened. oh well, maybe I’m missing out on doing something. will try it again 😀

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