hail the queen!


it’s been almost a month since mum’s surprise 70th birthday party held last july 5th. and if she won’t be accused of sounding like a sirang plaka, she’ll still rave about it as I speak. that’s how much she appreciated what my kuya and myself did for her on that day which is also her exact birthdate. she is so proud of us, she said, that her heart wells with too much pride, it can burst 😀

I was a nervous wreck on the morning of july 5. my kuya and dear were the cool guys, which is a good thing. but consider this: I had to lie to our mum and tell her I’m working that day so that I can help fix the venue; the sky is gloomy; the venue decorator is VERY late; the caterer got lost; there are still a million things to do before we can put things together! but all’s well by 4:45PM. although we off-shoot from the original 4:00PM start time, things kinda fell into place somehow. thank God.

and then mum arrived. she was totally surprised and a bit shakey when kuya helped her alight from the car. thanks to her former st. pauls’s parañaque highschool classmates who made sure that our mum thought she was going elsewhere but on the venue of her surprise party. when she saw all 120+ guests, all she could say was, “oh, God. what’s happening?”. verbatim ito, ha. she started crying, and I began tearing up, too. and when I looked around, the guests were crying as well! talk about synchronicity. heehee. 

sa totoo lang, I have never seen our mum so utterly happy. she was after all, in the company of family and very dear friends. walking like a queen in the red carpet, mum was swarmed with greetings, kisses and tight hugs. I think it took a full 8 minutes before she reached her “throne”.

the guests had hearty servings of a merienda medley that consists of goto, tokwa’t tokwa, pansit, bopis, fried lumpiang ubod, spaghetti, banana fritters with langka, puto cake, pork kaldereta & rice, an assortment of yummy kakanin, sorbetes, flowing soda, and a chocolate fountain (lent by my bff, ems). which reminds me. I was ready to give up on the chocolate fountain because my hands were already full being at the helm of the programme and hosting at the same time. thank goodness for my good friend pia who came with her husband jeff, who is also our photographer that afternoon. pia was one of my miracles that day when she told me: “ako na ang bahala. don’t worry about the fountain, I’ll take care ot it.” and she was there manning the fountain from beginning till the end! she even helped clean it up. ain’t I lucky? can you see her in the picture below?

I mentioned in my previous entry that we will have senior citizen-friendly games… see them go crazy – it was a blast!

kuya’s firstborn, tim, along with his friends rendered a dance evolution number that included tom jones’ song “it’s not unusual”, one of mum’s favorite songs ever. tim also choreographed their dance number. can you imagine the senior citizen ladies swooning over these boys?! yep, you got that right 😀

the ladies in the house offered their well wishes for our mum. so ayun, iyakan na naman. then we had the traditional cotillion de honor. the men had their moment too, of course.

after their dance, kuya said something that made us laugh! I think he stammered a bit while thanking the guests. you see, my kuya HATES public speaking 😀

the heavens cooperated and it didn’t rain. the party decorator made it in the nick of time. the caterer found its way to us and was able to set up before mum even arrived. the guests were 90% of the expected total, and mum was ecstatic! she wasn’t able to sleep the whole night that night, and even woke up very early the next day to re-tell how she felt the minute she alighted from the car. kuya and I hugged and patted our shoulders for a job well done. I had a good sleep that night, I haven’t had any before the big day.

the queen was pleased, our work here is done 😀


11 Responses to hail the queen!

  1. Alby says:

    Congrats Bjay! I’m sure your mom will never forget your thoughtfulness. Well done!

  2. Pearl says:

    grabe.. naiyak ako habang binabasa ko yung events ng surprise party.. talagang ramdam ko yung love and happiness… belated happy birthday kay mommy!

  3. leirs says:

    I was waiting for this kuento,.. You pulled it off.. I’m so proud of you. I’m glad the queen had fun.. miss you and see you soon

  4. Pia says:

    Hay naku BJay nakalimutan ko sabihin sayo na naiyak din ako when I saw how happy your mom was! Even though I don’t know her and it was my 1st to meet her, I felt like I belong to your family that day!

    Kakaaliw talaga yung party nyo! Congrats! Nakaka-inspire kayo ng kuya mo!

    At walang anuman yung sa choco fountain : ) Glad to be of help!

  5. Nancy D says:

    What a wonderful recap! Your mom is lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter.

  6. Liza says:

    wow bjay! can i just say na naiiyak ako while reading your post! i can feel the love you guys bestwoed on your mum that day. and na-feel ko ang overflowing emotions ninyo ha! job well done sis! and your mum is really one proud mama! di bale ng sirang plaka ang dating nya, she’s really just so proud of you and your kuya! cheers to your mum and to you for a wonderful surprise!

  7. Sheryl says:

    Hi Bjay! Am so overwhelmed reading this piece. I’d like to do something like that for my mom/dad when they reach their golden years. You did a very inspiring thing for daughters/sons to emulate everywhere, no matter what the circumstance of their relationship with their parents. Thank you for this. I’m sure your mom is proud and happy to have you and your Kuya. 🙂

  8. bjay says:

    hey, girls! thanks for all the kind words!

    I am very thankful to our graceful God for making it all happen. we are just but instruments on that day. ultimately, what matters most is that our mum was happy. lahat ng pagod at tensiyon (at gastos, haha!), limot na agad 😀

  9. tna says:

    ay bjay! saludo ako sa inyo dahil napasaya nyo ng husto ang inyong ina. 🙂

  10. Issa says:

    Hi BJay! Napaka touching naman ng birthday celebration ng Mom mo… galing nyo mag-organize ng brother mo! Hope I can do the same with my Mom next year..

  11. marian says:

    Hi Bjay, I love what you did for your mom. Got all senti thinking of my mom.

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