random wednesday 11

I gotta tell you, smoking is bad for your health. admit it or not… it is, BIG TIME. and the effects that is handed down to the person right next to you is doubly lethal. I am so looking forward for the anti-smoking law to be finally enforced here in our country. and it makes perfect sense imposing high taxes to them tobacco companies. 

something happened to me on the MRT station the other day… I was on the escalator going down to the coaches and then WHOOP! the escalator suddenly stopped. the manong ahead of me ay nalaglag 5 steps down. ako naman ay napatawa ng bonggang bongga. and then I noticed, everybody who’s waiting in line were all loooking at us. and what did I do? I continued on giggling, of course. care ko noh. 

  I’ve been meaning to share with you my fave song for the last 3weeks now: “spotlight” I suggest that when you start listening to this song, max your volume out for better appreciation. and if you’re in the mood, stand up and busta move to its danceable beat. you know you want to 😀
now lookie here ->

THE john legend’s discovery estelle, is just a breath of fresh air. here you can listen to her single “american boy“, the first cut from her debut album, shine. I tell you, she looks and sounds like a modernized 40’s diva. odevah? 

july is almost done. turned out, there’s no madonna concert that’s gonna happen EVER here in the philippines. I belive this is the 2nd time that this philippine gig was “cancelled”. I remember about 15yrs ago the same talks floated. oh well, from now on I will keep my hopes low. on the flipside, rick astley, alicia keys and tony hadley (of spandau ballet) are on come august! that’s my birth month too. guess when my birthdate is? cooking up a scrapbook RAK and a CHALLENGE for this so please check back 😀

according to reports, jennifer aniston probably has a near perfect pair of gams. the report said that the length>shape>size of her legs is beyond modelesque, it’s as if it were sculpted to perfection. she had brad pitt, then john mayer. and now a perfect pair of legs?! life isn’t fair.

this twin is a result of an interracial marriage. yes, they were born to the same mother but each baby got one of their parent’s skin color. now that’s what I call EQUALITY.




3 Responses to random wednesday 11

  1. Janine says:

    Far out Rick Astley and Tony hadley is there an 80’s revival that I missed? Love that siong maerican boy, just makes me tap my foot when I hear it….I hadn’t heard that Jennifer Hudson song before.

  2. Janine says:

    eeeks at my spelling that should read song, and American.

  3. Nancy D says:

    Ooh, I love John Legend so I’ll check out Estelle. Girl, you have fabulous taste in music.

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