[possibly] a new love


I dreaded the day I had to bowl. I even begged off from a good scrapper friend’s son’s first birthday party and a chika date from my girlfriends because I HAD to bowl. besides, it’s a saturday. and saturdays are important to me. it’s a day when I get to sleep overtime, do mundane things and yes, even scrapbook. in short, I had to MAKE time to play bowling. it’s a work-related thing that I had to comply with. and so I boarded my bus going to the venue with a heavy heart.

through the years and all employers in my total professional career, I have avoided participating in bowling games. it-just-wasn’t-me-to-play-bowling. period.

the day started slow, with just myself, the first warm body from my team arriving at the lanes. to think that my team’s houses were just located within the vicinity of the venue. sheesh. I was obliged tuloy to listen to the rules & regulations and be the bowling shoes and meal stub keeper for my team. hmm. imagine my resistance: I don’t bowl, alright. I am more of a volleyball and badminton player. now these are the sports I can say a lot about. teehee.

okay, ’nuff said. wore my shirt and shoes and the games began. there were 14 teams with funny and sometimes naughty sounding names (try tiyo paeng, bowl jacks), and each had to do a war cry. we did okay, but the naughtiest team won, of course. when we started to bowl (and again, I’m the only girlah in my team), I fumbled and made kalat the first few times. but as soon as I hit very few spares and some strikes, I was wonda wuhman! I was beginning to love the sport. yes, I had a sudden change of heart.

you see, the last time I even played this rather odd (personally speaking that is, ha) sport was back in sophomore high school. and I just played as a sub and was just there to be with friends since one subject at school was cancelled and we had time to kill. I didn’t even know what a duck pin and ten pin was until last saturday. and I didn’t even quite understood the scoring system and when my actual turn would be. in short, I was a zombie in hip bowling shoes.

now here’s the bomber: after moving on to the semifinals, we were no. 3 in the top 4 teams. we scored the highest with the mostest strikes (and I contributing 8 strikes in all, ehem.), and I was the second female with the highest score! we became the champion team! talk about my heavy heart awhile ago. with this experience, I think I wanna play again 😀

and you know the most fabulous thing that happened?

 my bowl’s color was hot pink. wahoo! 😀


7 Responses to [possibly] a new love

  1. Alby says:

    Bowling tayo sa Island Cove! They have good lanes. 😀

  2. Janine says:

    Glad you had a great time bowling. Me and Dh do this on ocassion and I tend to get my gutterballs then strikes, but it’s all good fun. Well done on your high strike rate and your teams placing.

  3. Barbie says:

    Yay for trying new things! 🙂 Looks like you had fun, and congratulations for placing so highly!

  4. Nancy D says:

    DUDE. I hate bowling. I suck. But good for for getting into it!

  5. bjay says:

    hey, ladies! thanks for dropping by. I’m actually looking forward to my company’s annual badminton tournament this aug/sept. this is the sport that’s really close to my heart 😀

  6. scrapcircle says:

    Hi Bjay, love the last photo of you. How did you do that, making the rest of the picture black and white while the ball is still in full color.

  7. bjay says:

    hey, faith! I use picasa by google. I love it! 😀 try it.

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