2 regions in 2 weeks


been busy from the weeks of 14-24 this month of july. and as I mentioned in my previous post, these trips were all for my company’s expansion project. and seeing the fruition of this initiative elates me no end. I get to be in the frontline of it all, training and mentoring potential sales channels across the country.

let’s see. my first stop was iloilo, then bacolod, then talisay. hopped to another plane and then off to naga, the heart of bicolandia. we just managed to slide through camarines sur (camsur). we didn’t have the luxury of another day to try out the now world famous wakeboarding arena of CWC. but we vowed to try this rad sport if and when we come back in september.

basically the food trip was the hightlight of it all. I gained a whoppping 5 pounds! did you notice the three “p’s” in the word whopping? well, I just want to make a point here. I haven’t shed the extra pounds from a previous food trip, and yet here comes the new 5 pounder. so much for discipline. heehee.

but who could resist the steamed diwal clams of breaktrough restaurant in iloilo? or the yummy bulalo of aboy’s and the humongous blue crabs in chili garlic sauce of pala-pala sa 18th of bacolod? of course we ate authentic chicken inasal and batchoy. it’s sacrilege if we don’t do that while in bacolod. we even fine-dined in bar 21, and satisfied our sweet tooth by eating smorgasbord cakes and pastries in calea (both in bacolod). in naga city, we ate at the chinese restaurant of crowne, and we also tried out chili peppers’ jurassic baby back ribs and enjoyed hearty laughs with its owner, the amiable tito boy. now he’s another story altogether. our gracious host, tita star gave us pinangat, and we ordered take-away laing. never step foot in bicolandia without trying these local fares. then while my boys (that’s how I call my colleagues, since I am the only girl travelling with them) enjoyed a few beers, I detoured to kopi roti and had a good serving of coffee with condensed milk and its famous coffee bun. it was too bad I wasn’t able to see the basilica of peñafrancia. oh well, next time. 

didn’t take that many pictures. nothing of the food either because by the time I realized I should snap some, my hands were already too oily. but I’d like to show you a couple that was taken in the ruins of bacolod and our arrival today from naga city at the newly-opened T3 (ninoy aquino international airport terminal 3)… just so I can get my blogging groove back 😀


it’s like you’re in a different country. our tour guide shared that in this mansion is where the japanese army stayed during the WW2

that’s just me taking instructions from my boss. he knows his angle 😀

can you see my humps? if you can see its curve 24 inches away from your computer screen, then you can really tell how big my girth grew

again, good times 😀



4 Responses to 2 regions in 2 weeks

  1. Janine says:

    love the shot of yuou standing on the steps, it really shows you how big the place is….the building looks amazing. Sounds like you had a blast……

  2. Lee i. says:

    Oh, wow. Food galore. Those ruins are in the movie Namets (starring Christian Vazquez and Angel Jacob) about food in Bacolod. Funny thing, after seeing the movie, I told DH we had to eat at JT’s Inasal and order napoleones from Roli’s. Yum. Yum. And Calea brings back memories of delicious cheesecake. Problem is, I can’t remember the friend who used to bring me those goodies. Arrgggghhhh….I hate memory gap especially when it interferes with my food.

  3. phylline says:

    OMG! you’ve been very busy sis… di na kita ma-reach. and if there’s one person i’d pass on the Blog of Distinction, it will definitely be you 🙂 do drop by my blog for your surprise. miss yah sis!

  4. leasanders says:

    Great pictures!

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