what’s a girl to do?


I’m back!

ok – so my last post was july 4th. uhm, tagal na nun, ah. I apologize, I just got back from bacolod and iloilo doing roadshows for my company’s geo expansion and so work beckoned first 😀 it’s super fun (my boss was with us ), it’s very tiring, but definitely very good for business. 

this has been a long overdue post about my scrapbooking from the inside out™ (SFTIO) design team kit. but I’m going to tell my tale anyways.

– that piggy is avis, she’s 8years old last month

rachel, the beautiful kit club owner of SFTIO was just so nice to ship our kits in the last week of may. but mine being an international shipment, I naturally expected to receive it around week of 6-11 june. but alas, the day came and there was no kit in sight. so I waited. and dear was so patient to check out our local post office everyday thereafter for any parcel under my name. na-da. I began to worry so I asked around and was pleasantly surprised to find out from iris and yoyin that it really takes a while for parcels to be delivered [especially], if one resided in the province like I did. and again, I waited ever so patiently.

the thing is, SFTIO was debuting its kit club and website july 1st. it was a shame that my picture was up there at the DT gallery but no layout to speak of. rachel was very kind to tell me that it was okay and assured me that my kit WILL arrive. as to when? well, we were both clasping our hands together albeit from different parts of the world. hey, that’s some drama for yah 😀

forward to july 8. dear and I finally decided to go to the manila post office located near the airport road in pasay. we were determined to find out what happened to my parcel. about a few meters before we reached the manila PO, my mobile phone rang. the lady* from the other line asked if my name was so and so and if my address were in so and so. and I said “yes?”… and she said, “you have a parcel here”. oh wow, talk about timings! so I told her that we’re almost there (about three heavy breathings away, actually) because I’m picking up MY parcel! when I got there, I can see from a distance a lone USPS beaten up box. and that my friends, was my piece of heaven just lying there. halleluia!

* the manila PO called me after USPS sent them an email asking why I haven’t received my parcel yet.

turns out, the kartero attempted to deliver my parcel june 12. he was at the right place alright, but asked the WRONG people. he insisted he attempted to deliver again after some time, but again failed to locate me. the latter I think he just made up to save face (I was personally speaking to THE postman at this point), and he kept on doing the poor puppy pouts. ugh. so what’s a girl to do? grin and bear… grin and bear… 

and here are the layouts I made for SFTIO’s july kit “freedom”:


good times 😀 


10 Responses to what’s a girl to do?

  1. Yoyin says:

    haller!!! 🙂

    glad you got your parcel(s). 🙂
    grabe. love love your layouts. i cant pick a favorite kasi i like all three!! 🙂

    dami ba goodies? dami ‘no? sinamantala ko na pag-uwi ni marisa to get the stuff i really wanted like the treading water punch and the zutter BIA. kahit ako tulo laway when i met marisa and saw what she brought for me.

    speaking of marisa, she’s accepting pre-orders until august 15. she’s sending a bbox to me and another to nette — ETA of the box is around september. email me if you want anything. 🙂

  2. darkbeloved says:

    So many pretty pages! I love the way you used that pic in “My Darkest Hour”. And YAY for designer team packages!

    Asus naman, ang post office, kailangan pang i-prompt? Tsk, tsk. It’s really better to go through a courier. Sigh. I wish the government could fix mail and traffic in the Philippines. Oh well….

  3. leasanders says:

    Great layouts, Bjay!

  4. Janine says:

    Glad you got your kit in the end….is this a bad time to tell you mine arrived a week in nz after I ordered it?? :-).

    Anyway Loved your layouts for this months prompt freedom…..I lifted your handcutting and gave it a go……loved doing this and will give this a go again now. I must admit I was very slow and found myself holding my breath lol

  5. Candy says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Bjay, talagang wala kang kapares sa mga LOs! Talagang idolo kita to the MAX! Kaya’t pagpasensiyahan mo na at ikaw ay na-tag ko. Ikaw talaga ang unang-unang pumapasok sa isipan ko kapag inspirational blogs ang pinaguusapan! Of course, hindi ko alam kung saan ko ilalagay iyung 2 awards e at ayaw kumapit dito!

  6. Candy says:

    So, hop into my blog to get the 2 awards and check out the rules. Hope you can join again. Hehehe. Napahamak ka na naman ulit dahil sa akin!

  7. bjay says:

    for all the shout outs, salamat po 😀

    so far my aug kit arrived safe and FAST! had it delivered in my office na.

  8. tna says:

    missed your posts. 😦

    yehey! meron na naman pampaaliw sa aking malungkot na maghapon sa trabaho hihi.

    ganda ganda layouts bjay. 🙂

  9. bjay says:

    hey, tna girl! I am twice as happy knowing I can make you smile after a long day at work 😀

  10. bjay says:

    cands, thanks for the tag! I am honored 😀

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