random wednesday 10


mum’s invites… check! mum’s souvenirs… check! caterer… check! venue downpayment… check! program and game prizes… check! scrapbook layouts nook (ipinilit talaga)… check! grandson & friends’ dance number… check! dear Lord, I hope we’ll have a rain check too. and I am not talking figuratively!

amy winehouse of the famed “rehab” song is wasting her life away and her talent by drowning herself in her vices. reports says if she doesn’t stop smoking and snorting, she’ll suffer from emphysema and might wear an oxygen mask permanently. sayang naman sha.

especially now that there’s a lot of new talents coming out with the same music genre, “the amy” will just be a thing of the past. check out my new fave, the ting tings. I especially like the cut with the title “that’s not my name”.  click on it and listen. the beat is awesome, promise.

I love dakota fanning. talented and stinkin’ rich kid.  see her transformation from this:

 to this! pretty, pretty girl.

I am afraid our first ever 2D full length tagalog animated movie “urduja” is not getting the proper recognition it so deserves. it just lacked time for maximum multimedia promotion and so it looks like a little gloomy at the tills. bakit ba kasi minadali ang showing. if you have time and the curiosity, it just began showing at selected movie theaters.

all these years, sulpicio lines have managed to wipe out a town, so to speak. with the recent force majeure, and the bad coast guard call, and the lack of solid rules and regulations in the philippine maritime agency, and by all accounts and means, this company should be closed down. too many dead people on their business books. I think they are now officially doomed. and the still missing/unrecovered 700+ passengers of the ill-fated vessel couldn’t agree with me more. let’s pray for the repose of their souls and the grace for acceptance in their families’ hearts.

it’s so sad. it sucks.



3 Responses to random wednesday 10

  1. Sherly says:

    wow dakota is prettier now, sis please email me naman sherly.castrillo@gmail, have to ask yo kase i received the box from ate marissa mga preorders ko at sa inyo,i will bring it to the scrapjam kase,when i asked her about the doodlebug loopy cardstock sticker thAT belongs to you, na kung pwede pa magorder sa kanya she said to ask you if you are willing to sell and share me atleast 2pcs of black and 2 pcs of white to me, please let me know =) if its ok. thanks po!=)

  2. Rachel says:

    I’ll be praying for the families of the departed…so sad.
    Thanks for sharing the Ting Tings with us – like new old school – love the beat…


  3. Sheryl says:

    Hi Bjay! Oh I also love Dakota Fanning. That girl really has talent. She can act! 🙂
    And yep, she’s growing up pretty. With a face and talent like that, what more can you ask for? Hope she doesn’t turn into a Lindsay Lohan, god forbid!

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