what’s keeping me from blogging


ehermmm. I mean, what’s keeeping me busy is…

preparing for this -> 


remember my post from a few days ago, when I said that I’m going to be busy about something really important? well, it’s my mum’s asalto on july 5. and she’ll be turning 70. my kuya and I are pulling our resources together to give our beloved mum a surprise birthday party! besides her friends and the famille en force, we’re also inviting her former office colleagues as well as her highschool classmates from st. paul parañaque. I sure hope it doesn’t rain! oh, please.

I’ve only two short weeks left to prepare and get everything done. I’m stressing out already but dear is keeping me together. and thank goodness for my girlfriends who are helping me out with the little details. the preps are easy, really. it’s the “keep-it-a-secret-from-our-mother” thing that’s giving me the palpitations. oh, well. I better plan the games and the program. because aside from being the head of preparations, I am also the party emcee and game master! eh, may choice pa ba nanay ko? 

huhulas and make-up ko, for sure. wish me luck, peeps!



3 Responses to what’s keeping me from blogging

  1. Nancy Doren says:

    Hmmm… game master, eh? Let’s hear more about that. 🙂

    I’m sure your mum will love the party!

  2. bjay says:

    ooh, I hope no major glitches on that day! thanks, nancy! 😀

  3. leira says:

    im sure the party will be great.. labor of love nyo yan.. miss you!!!

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