what 8 years look like

there was once a BOY…

 who had a crush on a little GIRL…

and today is their 8th wedding anniversary. thank GOD for that 😀



15 Responses to what 8 years look like

  1. leira says:

    Happy Anniv!!!! Miss you my friend and hope to see you soon

  2. Happy Anniversary, Bjay!

  3. Yoyin says:

    happy anniversary!!!! 🙂 hope the two of you have AT LEAST a gazillion more years together. heeheehee… 🙂 congrats.

  4. Barbie says:

    Happy Aniversary, BJay! May you have many many many many many more blissful years together! 🙂

  5. dinah says:

    happy anniversary! see you on saturday! 🙂

  6. pam says:

    ang cutie nyo naman dalawa! mukhang nagpipiko at patintero pa lang kayo sa photos na to ah!

    anyways, happy happy anniversarry BJAY!

  7. Gaye says:

    happy anniversary bjay!

  8. Maybs says:

    Happy A!!! And many, many more to come!

  9. Liza says:

    Happy anniversary sis! Wow, love that picture ha! Hehehe! Gusto ko kurutin pisngi mo!

  10. tna says:

    happy anniversary bjay ang mike. 🙂

  11. bjay says:

    hey, guys! thanks for all your greetings and pun offerings. ahehehehe 😀 really, I love it and I don’t mind.

    mike and I were classmates from prep until highschool, and these pictures were grabbed from our yearbook – a relic indeed!

    we both had a good laugh while uploading these. simply fun. thanks again!

  12. sandrayu says:

    galing=) belated Happy 8th Anniv sa inyo…natutuwa ako sa pic.. nene at totoy pa kayo=)

  13. leasanders says:

    Happy anniversary and many more!

  14. Lee i. says:

    ang cuuttttte. 🙂 happy anniversary! (wala bang after photos?)

  15. bjay says:

    nyaaah… wag na, tama na yang larawan ng kawalang malay 😀

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