random wednesday 9


I can’t believe I haven’t watched sex & the city. it’s on its 2nd week now. I hope I can still catch it this saturday. and I’ve had this shirt for almost 4 years. guess what? 15 pounds later, I’m still using it. sikiiiip. 

my DT kit from InsideOut™ hasn’t arrived. boo-hoo. I am hoping to get a notice from the post office tomorrow, though. once I do, run I will.

rick astley is having a concert here on august 1st! love him, thought I was gonna marry him (!). bwahaha. I’m almost sure I won’t be able to watch the concert. will he still sport the tsunami ‘do’ like he used to?

is it just me or does he look like mike myers? 

sa harapan kaya uupo si kuya dick? sasayaw kaya siya ng paliyad-liyad? baka sapawan niya si rick astley niyan…

alanis morisette is back and armed with a new album. now this dudette is a brilliant songwriter. but she’s still hurting from her break-up with ryan reynolds, who’s now engaged to scarlett johansson, who’s now also aspiring to be a singer. uhmmm…  

I hope ces drilon and company return to their network safe and unharmed. this is really too much. abusit na kayo ha. anubah. 


6 Responses to random wednesday 9

  1. sandrayu says:

    ha! nakidnap…chismosa na chismosa noh? hehe! tagal ko na di nakaka nuod ng balita at di ko na alam.. grabe I pray na makalaya cya.. ganda ng mga chika mo bjay…di lang entertaining informative pa..

  2. bjay says:

    onga, sana palayain na sila. there was a news blackout requested by abscbn kaya monday night lang naibalita ng ibang networks. ths is really too much.

  3. bjay says:

    MIA CASTRILLO via email:

    bjay dear,

    i try to read your blog everyday pero sobrang bagal mag load. ewan ko kung bakit. blog mo lang naman. yung iba ok naman. anyway, email ko nalang comment ko at baka abutin ng siyam siyam bago mabuksan yun comment section. hehehe!

    i used to love rick astley too! (now i only have eyes for mier. hihihi!) as in i have his tapes and i used to play it over and over. memorize ko pa yata ang lyrics. grade school ako nun. natawa ako sa comment mo kung sa harap kaya uupo si kuya dick! you are hilarious, my friend!

    i’m an alanis fan too. love her first album. yung maraming angst. i used to be able to relate. didnt know that scralett and ryan are engaged… hmmm… alam kaya ni mier? crush niya si scralett.

    i also pray that ces and company get back safely. kawawa naman.

    love you lots! thanks for keeping me informed. 😀

  4. bjay says:

    hi, mia! hamo at pagsasabihan ko ang WP na mabagal sila mag-load. hahaha. thanks for the kind words. I hope to be back in CDO soon!

  5. Nancy Doren says:

    Dude! I loved Rick Astley! Remember that video where he goes up to the wall, runs up it, and flips over? Ha!

    What happened to Alanis and Ryan? They even went to therapy! *sniff* Some things aren’t meant to last. Do you think she leaves “You Oughta Know” on Scarlett’s answering machine?

  6. bjay says:

    oh, yeah! I remember that! he’s at his cutiest prime then 😀

    and she might leave that very message to scralett! bwahahaha.

    you crack me up, nancy 😀

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