the classics are back, etc.


have you ever noticed how adidas’ stan smith and the k-swiss shoes are making a comeback? I think it’s cool.  

and the last time I wore this reebok shoe style was in highschool pa! remember, it came in different colors as well? my aunt from virginia gave me a new pair recently. bongga, noh?  

that’s babe. she’s made of fine bone china and is 11 years old.

ate mae, my sis-in-law gave me this shirt and these cuties when she came back from singapore:

 L-R: bookmark, keychain, mouse wristpad 

back to school tomorrow! traffic galore again. phew.



2 Responses to the classics are back, etc.

  1. Nancy Doren says:

    So I am gathering that you like pigs…. good to know.

    My husband just bought some all-white shoes like that! He’s gotten so many compliments on them.

  2. bjay says:

    ooh, how cool is your DH!

    yeah, crazy about them. I haven’t really thought of getting a live potbellied pig, though 😀

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