random wednesday 8


when I started driving, gas price was just Php12.00/liter. I can get really far and back if I load up a hundred bucks. nowadays, I can’t even get anywhere with the same amount of money. traffic will burn it immediately.

all of us should shift to using CFL (compact flourescent light). it’s not only environment-friendly, tipid pa sa kuryinti (para rhyme). 

I {heart} DepEd for allowing the idea of a compulsary no-uniform school days for public school kids. sa mahal ng bilihin ngayon, napapanahon ang panukalang ito. better yet, why not adopt a “private student-buy a public student-one uniform” program?

and what happend to colin farrell?

namayapa na pala si yves saint laurent. may his soul rest in peace.  pati yung can designer ng pringles.

have you seen the teaser of abs-cbn’s latest teleserye dyosa? it stars anne curtis. I had a good laugh with the concept and it goes like this: a) tatayo si anne, b) yuyuko ang mga puno, c) lilipad ang mga CGI flowers, d) didikit kay anne, e) haharap si anne sa camera, at…  f) mag-e-emote ng bonggang bongga!

   it’s deathly funny 😀

PS: I got an email from rachel kaufman showing the design board of the july kit of inside out™! ooh, the yumminess of it all. watch out for the site’s launch on july 1st!



8 Responses to random wednesday 8

  1. oh my. yes. whatever happened to collin farrel? 😦

  2. Yoyin says:

    haaay naku. gas prices are really crazy here – pero mas grabe ata sa US – when i talked to marisa (scrapbooks hawaii), nasa more than $60 ang full tank niya. and that would only last for a couple of days kasi super layo ng binabyahe niya everyday from home to work to the store. medyo maswerte lang kami ng kaunti ni mark dito kasi we get to gas-up dito sa clark – tax-free fuel. coupled with the fact that we did away with our second-hand/old cars and bought a new one that’s more fuel efficient.

    btw, punta ka ba sa scrapjam? 🙂 you should!!! andaming freebies and yummy stuff ni marisa. grabe. more than P1000 worth yung stuff tapos ung class kit pa niya. she’s also bringing new stuff na hindi pa available sa mga LSS natin dito like the AC thickers (mid-release).

    ako? di ako pupunta.
    but i’m grinning from ear to ear (imagine the cheshire cat).
    ask marisa why. hwehwehwe… 🙂

  3. bjay says:

    hi, CV! he claimed in the article I read that he’s preparing for a role. and that he’s being closely monitored by a doctor, achuchuchu.

    pangit, noh?

  4. bjay says:

    hi, yoyin! di ako makakapunta sa scrapjam eh, sayang nga…

    aabot daw tayo na Php60/liter. buseeet.

    naku, ano yan, ha? email ko nga si ate marisa. sabihin ko iniinggit mo ako. intriga! 😀

  5. Nancy Doren says:

    OH my gosh! That picture of colin farrell scared me!

    My husband and I finally quit drinking from plastic water bottles, for the environment. Now if we can just get all those light bulbs changed…

  6. bjay says:

    hey there, nancy! doesn’t he look awful? I hope it’s really just for a role he said he will be playing, though.

  7. dinah says:

    hey beej! funny your rhyming on environment friendly & kuryinti! hahahaha! you kill me talaga! and speaking of rhyme, saw your haiku entries at scrapnart. makata ka pala. posted an entry myself. puede palang more than one haiku? hmmm, better think of some more 🙂 later!

  8. bjay says:

    hehe. oo pwede kasi I saw multiple entries, eh! malay natin baka ma-random 😀 nice loot waiting noh?

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