the aftermath


saturday was scrapfest, the fifth event so far and the excitement of all the attendees (myself included), never seem to simmer down each time this much-awaited local event comes to town. so many newbies! and the age range is becoming varied, even – we have a senior citizen in the house! ahww, now THAT is cool.

night before, I prepared all the stuff that I will bring which is not much. I swore to “crop light” and just enjoy the day. as a matter of fact, I used my new crop ‘n style bag and I’m loooving it.

I have a confession to make. I had with me manila hemp (abaca) strings to give to some friends. sort of a hello “again” present. but it wasn’t fancifully packed and I was hoping to do that during the fest. alas, my hands were full the second I got to the venue! and as a testament to this, I think my blood pressure even shot up as soon as I joined the very first challenge of the day. haha. mea culpa. so next time na lang.

there were several challenges that day and I am just too happy to place second in the advanced scrapbooker category. it’s always a thrill to win at scrapfest, especially when your friends are cheering you on while your name is being called 😀 

hands down highlight of the day for me was meeting sahrie, owner of scrapbukan. I met sahrie online in mid-1999 when we were both members of weddingsatwork. ironically, we weren’t able to meet personally in the few times she’s in the philippines. so seeing her yesterday (sabay hug) was a thrill. incidentally, I will be her store’s guest DT come october *wink wink*   

I’ll stop here and will just write about the whole thing at length later. so please watch out for scrapbytes ezine for a full story feature on scrapfest winners’ circle, as I am again a contributing writer for the june ish.

oh, yeah. here’s my loot:

too much butterfly, I think.

and meet felicia, she’s on my pig collection. you’ll see more of her kind as I blog along. there are 500+ of them as I speak 😀

congrats to all the winners! thank you to the newbies and see you again in september may ’09!

and to you, scrappin’ moms… take a bow 😀



10 Responses to the aftermath

  1. tna says:

    hi bjay! twas nice meeting you. 🙂 congratulations sa panalo {kainggit mga premyo nyo, hihi}. tagged you. please head over to my blog for the post. thank you.

    happy monday and see you again {soon ;)}

  2. bjay says:

    hi, tna! nice to meet you in person at last. exciting ang scrapfest, noh? butas nga lang bulsa after 😀

  3. Maybs says:

    hay, bjay!!! Next year you definitely have to be elevated to the Hall of Fame category otherwise I will protest!!! har-har… congratulations on your scrapfest entry. was there even any doubt????!!! enjoy your loot!

  4. Yoyin says:

    bjay!!! tagged you. check out my blog. 🙂 — {not yet fully recovered from saturday’s activities.hihihihi.}

  5. Marix says:

    yay! kakainggit! i want to join the scrapfest! congrats for winning congrats sa GDT sa scrapbukan! yummy loot onga dami butterflies, pauso this year bukod sa trees, mushroom, owls etc. i wonder what will they think of next yr?

  6. bjay says:

    hey, maybs! haha, uuy, di pa naman ako pang HOF… still have a lot to learn. pero sa totoo lang, nahihirapan ako huminga habang nagcha-challenge!:D

  7. bjay says:

    hi, yoyin! hala, an hour into the shopping frenzy ba naman, magkano na nga nagasta mo? haha. shhh, secret! ;D

  8. bjay says:

    hi, marix! yeah, I’m feeling girly-ish with all the hoopla about butterflies. don’t you just love the forecast on scrapbooking? it’s like fashion week of london 😀

  9. Barbie says:

    Hi BJ!

    Sorry I replied late to your email…nagkamali pa ako sa subject line, ehehehe. Anyway, sadness, hindi ko na inabutan yung pagkapanalo mo. Pero super congrats, and you can never have too many butterflies. eheheheh. 🙂

  10. bjay says:

    thanks, barbie! I was excited to see you. last time I saw you was at the MLA event pa eh!

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