to celebrate mother’s day, my mum and I went to the mall to watch “ploning”, an independently produced 35mm film starring judy ann santos and directed by her BFF dante “nico” garcia. I expected it to be a good film, almost indie-ish. but I was in for a surprise – it wasn’t just good… the storyline was brillliant.  too bad star cinema decided to support the movie “when love begins” rather than this one. boo-hoo.

I haven’t watched as good a tagalog movie since “hihintayin kita sa langit” (an adaptation of wuthering heights) and “muro-ami”. I highly recommend that you go watch this film before its marquee lights are put off.

me and a friend ascending from the escalator of a mall way before ploning’s playdate:

my friend: “uy, ano basa diyan? ” pointing to the poster. 

me: “cloning.” without batting an eyelash/ medyo naka-ismid pa nga.

my friend: “ows? eh bakit si judy ann santos ang starring? sci-fi ba ito?”

me: taking a second look at the poster: “ay, hinde! ploning ngapala iyan!”

ayus! 😀



9 Responses to “cloning”

  1. tna says:

    hi bjay! saw the announcement. congratulations. see you on saturday. 🙂

  2. hahaha!! i would’ve read it as cloning as well! 😉

    hey! hihintayin… is one of my favorite movies 😀

  3. oops – i was looking for a chatbox somewhere but couldn’t find one… CONGRATS, Bjay!!! 🙂

  4. bjay says:

    hi, tna & CV!
    thanks a lot! it really is an exciting stage in my scrapbooking life right now. naks! OA 😀

  5. bjay says:

    ay CV, I love hihintayin. makes me wanna run around the lake wearing just my kamison. hihi!

  6. yvette says:

    congratulations! =)

  7. bjay says:

    thanks, yvette! 😀

  8. Lee i. says:

    ako din, cloning basa ko. naisip ko naman, at bakit ko naman i-clo-clone si juday? hahaha. gotta persuade dh to see this.

  9. bjay says:

    go, go, go watch it, lee! bihira ang isang intelehenteng pilikola (that’s how the director’s spelled it) na gaya nito. it’s a must see movie talaga.

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