spooked once too many


sunday, may 4th.

dear and I were fixing the week’s trash due for pick-up that same afternoon. as I was collecting our trash in the bath and kitchen areas, I asked dear if we still have a stock of garbage bags and he said yes. quickly I searched the drawer below the pantry where it was supposed to be kept. it wasn’t there. so I hollered back to dear and asked where he put it. he said “diyan nga.”. and then I said, “wala dito, eh.”. stammering down the stairs, dear searched for it himself in the original drawer, in the other adjacent drawers, in cabinets hanging elsewhere in the kitchen… but alas, it wasn’t anywhere.

guess what, today it re-appeared in the SAME drawer where it should have been last sunday.

I’m not so surprised at all. being in an old house where three people have already died and enjoyed several days of mourning, we knew at the onset that it won’t be just the two of us who will be occupants of the house. the three people I am referring to are my two spinster aunts and my lola, all of whom we dearly loved. this spook is not the first experience we have. since moving in almost 2months ago, there have been cases of missing things re-appearing. and we can tell that there is another entity within our midst. most days and even during daytime, I can sense them. I just hope those were the three loved ones I mentioned earlier and not something else.

I’ve always been fascinated by the supernatural and the unknown. once, I was told by a psychic that my third eye is open – and quite active (p.s. all of us have a third eye). but I dare not develop it. anything more than what I have experienced through the years will be too much for me to handle. and yes, I want to meet jaime licauco.    

do you ever see orbs in your pictures? I guess you were too engrossed in the fun of having or taking pictures you don’t even notice it. took me a while to know what they were. you see, we are not entirely alone 😀



6 Responses to spooked once too many

  1. Maybs says:

    Hey, Bjay!!! I had that experience na! I was shooting a full moon one time and to my dismay, panay orbs ang nasa image! I thought it was a dirty lens so I wiped it several times. When I took new shots, the orbs were still there….. Now don’t ask me to shoot the moon again….(creepy organ music in the background)

  2. bjay says:

    creepy noh, maybs?
    when I learned about orbs some 4yrs ago, I immediately looked at all the picutres I got at home and voila! meron nga. uncanny thing is, some have it while the others don’t. and yet, the pictures were taken just a few minutes of each other (I can hear the creepy organ music now)…

  3. Emelyn says:

    Bjay…you are creeping me out, girl!! And I’m here alone in the office today..YIKES! What a special story, though. I have stories about my grandmother..Nanay Ona and I still have dreams about her. I miss her so much 😦

  4. leasanders says:

    Ah, Bjay, my brother is a ghost hunter. He’ll go to known haunted places all over the United States and all of his pictures end up with streaks of light or weird things that weren’t there when he took the photos. Sometimes I think he just has that strange energy about him that attracts those things we can’t see. He was featured in a show once but I don’t remember the name of it.

    My aunt told me a story about when we went to visit my grandparent’s house in Zambales. My aunt was watching my little brother when he was a baby and gave him a large coin. Well, he somehow rolled the coin away from himself and it rolled back to him. She was watching him do this from a distance and said that it happened more than once. (Oooh, I feel cold now!)

  5. Lee i. says:

    And I thought my photo was spooky! It’s even more scary if you have to live with them. I wouldn’t mind if they were spirits of our loved ones looking out after us, pero paano kung negative spirits? Ngiii…(creepy organ music). Actually, yung house nina DH has lots of ghosts – everyone has reported seeing them one time or another. After 10 years, I finally saw one, and instead of being frightened, I actually felt accepted. Imagine, after all these years, may nagpakita din sa akin. Hahaha.

  6. bjay says:

    hi, girls! oh, wow. it’s nice to know that I am not alone. hehe 😀 I’ve a lot of stories to tell. the earliest was when my dad died, I was 8 years old at the time. and maybe because I have a lot of subtle encounters all these years, I just got accustomed to it. so is that good or bad?

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