random wednesday 5

10 days to go before the SCRAPFEST V!

and since it’ll be at the max’s restaurant again, here’s a thought: have you ever, in your max’s chicken-eating life, studied or quantified the proportion of jufran ketchup vs. the alexander worcestershire sauce you combine in?

robert downey, jr. perhaps own the perkiest mugshot ever. but you have to give it to the guy for being able to make a smashing comeback after his numerous storms. I heard ironman is a must-see movie. ewan ko lang kung makakanood ako.

I bought a really cheap blush on powder with built-in blusher the other day. I would’ve wanted to buy the duwop venom brand which is available at the beauty bar. although I must say that what I have discovered was a steal at Php150 pesoses. go look for the ever bilena “blush me!” brand. tangkilikin ang sariiing atin! 😀

the new 7 wonders of nature nominations are now open. and we have 3 entries so far enjoying a neck and neck ranking namely: tubbataha reef (no. 8), chocolate hills (no. 9) and the puerto princesa subterranean river (no. 21). all you have to do is go to this site and vote.

I have to dye my hair this weekend, I’m turning into lola mode once again. harhar.


14 Responses to random wednesday 5

  1. BEEEJ! Hala! Mukha na naman akong tanga dito sa bahay at tawa ako nang tawa sa blog entry mo! E ako nga, talagang napagkamalang lola ni Galo! Waaah! I still have to find the courage to look for a coloring agent. Any suggestions?! E cheap din po ako at natatakot sa mga hi-falutin’ salons who’ll convince me to get this highlight and that color. I just want to cover my white hairs sticking out this past year!—Grabe, this must be serious enough for me to blab about it! Hahaha!

  2. Oh, by the way. Didn’t you ever think why in the world Max’s chicken never tastes good when you use some other ketchup other than Jufran? I happen to LOVE Jufran, Mafran (can’t tell the difference since they both end with a -fran!) and UFC more than tomato ketchup.

  3. bjay says:

    nako, I just use the imported bigen line (yung maraming color choices). because I need colourings and touch-ups every 2 weeks. if I buy the high-end ones, malulupog ang bulsa ko 😀 btw, it works great! cheapangga pa 😀

  4. bjay says:

    ay, oo! di bagay sa tomato-based kechap, kachup (ah, ewan!) ang max’s. love ko din ang jufran. if del monte I go for the sweet blend variant. para akong bata 😀

  5. scrappylife says:

    harharhar…ako naman, every time we eat at max’s, i always wonder how many bottles of jufran they consume every single day – eh kasi ba naman, sa table lang namin, kulang na yung kalahating bote. hehehe 🙂 grabe. siguro kahit max na lang ang bibili ng jufran, ok na kita nila.

  6. leasanders says:

    Oooh! I may not speak tagalog but I do love Mafran (that’s what it’s called right – banana ketchup?) I love it on my eggplant omelets. BTW, are you supposed to keep it in the fridge after you’ve opened it?

  7. bjay says:

    hi yoyin! oh yeah, my family gobbles up the bottle too. grabe. the chicken is no good without it 😀

  8. bjay says:

    hi, lea! mafran tastes like jufran as well! and they’re both yummy with whatever kind of omelettes too! I so looove eggplant omelettes. do you fry it with ground lean pork and cubed potatoes as well? RAPSA! -> that means “yummy” for you 😀

    ah oh, refrigerate it to prolong its shelf life.

  9. Marix says:

    ayun eeeek namiss ko na ulit ang Max’s!!!! walang palya ang kain ko jan tuwing uuwi ako hehehehe ako half-half ang timpla ko tas me onting tabasco tas galit galit na hahahahaha

  10. bjay says:

    onga, talagang walang pakialaman! hehe, I can just imagine your sabik, marix (o-ha, rhyme pa). pag ako inaya mo sa max’s, di ka mapapahiya 😀 haha!

  11. Alby says:

    As expected, i got my bit of showbiz chizmiz today. Thanks to you Bjay. Is that mug shot for real?

    Dream ko to dive in Tubbataha. Kaso malakign ipunan ang mangyayari dyan. One of the best (if not THE best dive sites in the world.

    Oh, I don’t buy Jufran or Mafran. I favor other brands. BUT, when it comes to Max’s, only Jufran will do. 🙂

    I also dye my hubby’s hair at home. But he doesn’t do it to cover greys. He loves hair color – and he wants a different shade each time. Haha. That gives me a bit of challenge, looking for nice shades each time. Vain yun eh. I just buy from the drugstore.

  12. bjay says:

    hi, alby! thanks for the compliment. I try. haha!

    yeah, that was one of the mugshots. not so sure lang what case was filed against him because there were too many – mostly drug related.

    onga, mahilig ngapala kayo ni DH magbakasyon every wddg anniv niyo. I know it’s not a far-fetched idea that you’ll go there someday 😀

    my dear is the one who dye my hair. he’s my kulay guy 😀

  13. hehehe – lovin’ those random thoughts! i really wonder why max’s chicken isn’t the same with any other catsup.

    oy vey! didn’t know you dyed your hair as well! hahaha!! thanks for the reminder – i need to do mine as well!! 😮

  14. bjay says:

    we say we’re just into hair fashion… that’s why we dye our hair a blah black or several shades of brown. haha!

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