bye for now

tonight my dearest friend thida with her son, ram, flew out to san francisco. her husband has been based in this state for years, but in a matter of hours, the three of them will be together. it’s about time.

last night we cried buckets. that’s how we are everytime one of us goes away for an indefinite period of time. what used to be a bunch of us girlfriends who have been together since gradeschool is now down to four… with another one scheduled to leave anytime soon to work abroad.

we pray that one day when we have already established our lives and have set aside enough savings to enjoy our retirement, we’ll be together again and do the same old things like eating in one of the tapsihan joints back here in our town when it’s close to midnight – just like the way we used to.

so goodbye for now, thiday! you know we love you. 


2 Responses to bye for now

  1. Marix says:

    Hi Bjay!
    Haay bigla ko namiss un bestfriend ko.

    Tnx for dropping by at my blog, lam mo lurker ako ng blog mo, I really enjoy reading your insights, stories, LOs, etc.
    Linked you up na din, d pa nakapost un entry mo sa Kaya, ihanda ko na ba ang box of tissue hehehe


  2. bjay says:

    hi, marix! thanks for dropping by! paramdam ka naman often 😀 well, kaya 13 is a tough one too. I’m thinking of a lighter one this time… drama queen na ako eh 😀

    congrats again for being a dragon lady!

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