a southern expedition

I was in the cities of davao and cagayan de oro within weeks of each other recently to attend to some important business matters. you see, my company is planning to do a major provincial expansion so we can reach a wider market, consequently growing our sales output. if all goes well, this could mean a beefed-up salary increase for us, so we can all go dip our bums in the bahamas and sip tropical booze by the bay. NOT! haha. I just wish it was that easy, though.

DAVAO. I was alone when I went to davao, my third. in my previous post I mentioned that I had wanted to enjoy some provincial scenery on foot, and I did. although I tried to blend-in, I failed terribly. I rode the funkiest jeep there is (I took my time selecting the eye candy-est), and had a picture with manong driver. to my amusement, manong isn’t camera-shy AT ALL. he’s a cool guy. I also went to the san pedro church, the oldest in the city I was told. too bad it was closed and I just got to sit on the left wing. okay na din. I vowed to see the buzz at the aldevinco arcade, where the indigenous wares are sold. but as soon as I got there, the local sellers pounced on me like I was the only client in there! after 60 seconds, I realized I WAS the only client in there (it was 9:30AM).  
I also rode taxis, and was pleasantly surprised to have my change actually handed-over to me. I guess I was just so used to the erring taxi drivers of manila, I forgot how disciplined other cities could be. in davao police visibility is as dense as its lampposts. they even have a roving patrol that says “anti-hoodlum” in big, bold, red letters! if I were the hoodlum, I’ll feel shamed and at the same time honored that there’s a specific ride for me if ever I was caught. did you know that davao has the 911 emergency call assistance? the only one in our country. galeng.

CAGAYANdeORO. The first time I went here was nearly 9 years ago when mary, a good friend of mine got married. I was one of her abays. Nothing much has changed except for numerous housing projects that sprouted like mushrooms near the stretch towards the airport. we also heard from a local that an international airport is currently being built, and targets to open its runway within the year. Indeed, CDO is fast becoming the hub of economic growth.

this time I had company, 5 guys then cathy & myself. fun din pag may kasama. we had originally planned to go to camiguin, if we can have a window after conducting official business. I can still vividly remember when I went to this paradise many years ago, that’s why I wanted to go back to experience it again. there is also where I first got to taste the original pastel bun. talagang certified rap-sa!

probably one of the highlights of my stay in CDO was my meeting with a good friend and fellow scrapbooker, mia. she fetched me at my hotel and we went to her place and I got to see her 3 girls again. it was a short but sweet reunion and we promised each other that if I get a chance to go back, we’ll plan and maximize our day (thanks, mia!).

the only regret I have is not being able to see tita thelma, she’s the mother of my friend mary, who happens to own the modtrade® brand and exclusive levi strauss® jeans stores in CDO. I call her my mother from the south, she knows why 🙂

overall I am very hopeful that both my trips will be a fruitful one, not just for myself but moreso for my team. who knows, the possibility of having a beefed-up salary anytime soon might not be a lightyear away after all.



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