city of golden friendship

I am slowly experiencing the truth to this.

I’m in cagayan de oro city! yup, reporting live as I speak. will be here until tomorrow then we fly back to manila in the afternoon.

till then, tah!


6 Responses to city of golden friendship

  1. scrappylife says:

    kainggit. have you tried the custard bread (with the custard inside)? super sarap. hanap ka. dali!!! πŸ™‚ sure fire way to make your sweet tooth uber happy.

  2. bjay says:

    correct ka jan, yoyin! we bought the “pastel”, the bun with custard fillings inside – we got the safe yema flavor πŸ™‚

  3. So nice to see you! Basta next time let me know beforehand when you come back at ipagluluto kita. πŸ™‚

  4. bjay says:

    hi, mia! super bitin nga our meeting , eh. twas short but sweet πŸ™‚ hope to be back there soon *fingers crossed* !

  5. yvette says:

    hi bjay! my owls flew away, and brought my mojo with them! waaa! honestly, i am in such a slump i haven’ t done a page in weeks! do you think other scrappers go thru this or am i just not naturally creative? i know someone who probably can scrap even while she’s sleeping but as for me, there are times that no matter how many hours i spend staring at my stash, nothing would come out. i call it ‘creative catatonia’. any advice? =) oh, btw, you’re talkin’ bout my owl pps, ryt? hehe

  6. bjay says:

    haha! dika nag-iisa, yvette. sometimes I just find myself staring at the blank, gaudy green wall of my scraproom and see nothingness. yes, I too become a catatonic πŸ™‚

    ay oo, I meant your sassa owl pps!

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